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In the previous episode, readers voted for Amy to continue blackmailing Nick from a distance so that he can’t hurt her.

Episode 18

Amy opened her eyes and stretched luxuriously, enjoying the weight of Victoria’s down comforter on her body. Everything around her was white – white pillows, white blankets, and as she watched the billowing white curtains she enjoyed the thought of herself in a setting reminiscent of heaven, planning her diabolical schemes. She had decided, finally, that there was no reason to return to Harwood house just yet – as long as Nick didn’t know where to find her, she was in no danger and could continue to use him as she had been doing. Getting in touch with him wouldn’t be hard; although she disliked the idea of putting anything in writing, she didn’t think she could risk a face-to-face meeting. So, from her heavenly sanctuary, she sent him a message:

“Don’t think that my absence alters our arrangement at all. I’ll know if your actions have changed. Amy.”

Sent. With a satisfied smile, Amy wriggled down further under the blankets. Convincing Victoria to let her stay longer hadn’t been difficult either, despite the potential risk with the family on her end. And of course she would have to continue to be Amy’s eyes and ears at the house, something she’d agreed to with very few reservations. Amy suspected that her Aunt held more than one grudge against members of the Harwood family, and she also knew that she detested Tanya and would joyfully assist in her demise. Sheltering and spying for Amy was her way of aiding the rebellion.


“I’ll know if your actions have changed.”

Nick read the words on his screen with raised eyebrows. Amy had outdone herself this time – who did she think she was, Big Brother? Had she installed cameras in the Harwood house, or had she actually gotten a member of the family to report on the events taking place? Well if the latter was true, it had to be either her mother or Victoria. Her mother would be the obvious choice, except for her level of hysteria about Amy’s current whereabouts. If that was an act, Sophia was far smarter and crazier than anyone had ever given her credit for. No, Nick mused, it was probably Victoria.

He had two choices, then. He could disregard her threats and risk having certain things exposed about him, things he had worked very hard to make disappear. Or he could continue his charade with Tanya, a choice which would be made slightly more difficult by the fact that Granny had pulled him aside that morning and told him matter-of-factly to end the deception. Of course she had no knowledge of his arrangement with Amy, and would therefore have to be dealt with in some way if he took that course of action. Or, he could always try his luck with Victoria. If Nick knew anything, it was how to sway someone in his direction. Still. He sighed. This was turning out to be far more work that he’d thought it would be. Vote below on what will happen next or click Take Our Poll.

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