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In the previous episode, readers voted that in response to Vera telling him they’re related, Owen throws up.

Episode 27

Owen shoved Vera out of the way as he made his way to the bathroom. After the quick flip open of a toilet seat, he let out guttural, almost primal noises, discharging yesterday’s and today’s meals into the commode. Vera cringed.

Eventually, after a flush of the toilet, Owen came out of the bathroom, wiping his face with a hand towel.

“That wasn’t quite the reaction I expected,” said Vera.

“What did you expect?”

“Well, not that.”

Owen ran his fingers through his hair. “I’ve been telling filthy stories about us to people here for this wedding. Stories about my own sister.”

“Serves you right.”

“How is this even possible? You being my sister?”

Vera explained everything, from her real name to Betsey leaving her all those years ago to the Facebook profile she spied just days prior.

Owen laughed at first.

“What’s so funny?”

“You have two dads.”

It astounded her the levels of asshole he could reach.

“And you’re so repulsive you had to hire a woman to be your date for a week. Scratch that. Your sister to be your date for a week.”

Owen’s face sobered. “So are you going to tell Mom?”

“No. That’s the thing. I can’t. I’m not even supposed to tell you.”

“Then, why did you?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t want you to have sexually assaulting your sister on your conscience.”

“I promise not to try to touch you inappropriately ever again.”

“I appreciate that.”

“And I’m not that good at keeping secrets. But I promise I’ll try not to tell.”

“That’s comforting.”

“Although I think you should. Betsey’s always wanted a daughter she could ruin.” Owen smirked. “You lucked out. You could have been really messed up like the rest of us.”

“You’re messed up?” Vera tried to be polite, even though she knew the answer to this question.

“Are you kidding? Look at us.”

For the first time, Vera saw Owen as a human being rather than some sort of over-privileged one-dimensional schmuck she’d read as the villain in a smutty romance novel, one of her guilty pleasures. She had never thought of him as omniscient of his own flaws.

“We better get ready,” he said. “Mom’s waiting on us for dinner, sis.”


At the rehearsal dinner, as Charlie and Catherine made speeches and pledged their love to each other, Owen downed one drink after another, until he finally looked like he might keel over. Instead, he went to the restroom.

“I’ll be back,” he said.

As soon as he left, Betsey cornered Vera at her section of the table.

“I know what you’re doing,” said Betsey. “You’re a deviant. Using my son for his money. I’m watching you.”

Just then, Cole approached them.

“Hello, Betsey,” he said. “Sorry, I’m late.”

Betsey gave him a cold stare before leaving the conversation and venturing toward her husband who was at the bar.

“What I miss?”

“Nothing,” said Vera. “Nothing at all.” She didn’t want to make him worry that this assignment was not going according to plan, that the family matriarch thought Denise and her brother were a couple, and not the man she was supposed to be a loaner for.

Owen walked out of the restroom and noticed Charlie and Catherine being affectionate with each other at the head table. After seeing this and becoming emotional, Owen stumbled toward the microphone stand which was nearby. Grabbing a champagne glass and a fork, he clanged it to get everyone’s attention, but he clanged too hard and broke the glass.

“Whoops,” he said.

Everyone looked at him with stunned, serious looks on their faces.

“I have an announcement to make,” he said. Vote now on what will happen next by clicking view poll.

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