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In the previous episode, readers voted that after Nicholas’ response to her threat of revealing his secrets should he mess up her plans with Tanya, Amy realizes she’s in danger and goes into hiding.

Episode 17

Victoria walked into her house and clicked on the light, shrugging off her fur-lined coat and throwing it carelessly onto the white sofa.

“Amy?” Victoria called softly. “It’s me.”

Amy padded into the front hallway munching on a piece of toast and holding a glass of orange juice.

“Hey, how was brunch?” Amy perched on the edge of the sofa and eyed Victoria. “Did they finally miss me?”

“Yes, your mother was quite alarmed…” Victoria slowly removed her gloves. “Maybe you should tell her where you are?”

Amy rolled her eyes. “Come on Aunt Victoria, you know my mother can’t keep a secret. There wouldn’t be much point in my hiding here if the whole family knew where I was. Besides she’s obsessed with Nick. There’s no way we could tell her what’s going on, she wouldn’t believe it.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Victoria sighed. “Well you had better think of something soon then, Amy, I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up. It was all I could do to convince her not to call the police.”

“I’m thinking!” A childish whine resonated in Amy’s voice. “What am I supposed to do, though? Nick will kill me if I go back there! He has Tanya completely fooled and if I say anything to Granny he might hurt her too.”

Amy had practiced this story, from the moment she realized that she was in real danger from Nick. Her series of emotions had been quick and efficient – fear at the realization that she was vulnerable; frustration at the fact that she would have to take leave of her plan; even momentary hopelessness before the final resolve set in – she would come up with a new plan, a better plan. Nick would not win… Obviously she couldn’t expose him at this point without exposing her own scheming to the family, but she could use the very thing that scared her the most – her vulnerability.

She’d pulled Victoria aside after dinner one night and with the appropriate tears and trembling, rolled out her story. How she’d realized Nick was using Tanya to get her money, how she’d confronted him, how he’d threatened her. How no one would believe her. How she felt unsafe in the house, and needed to leave. It had worked better than she’d expected, and that was how she’d ended up hidden away in the white-curtained, airy guest room in Victoria’s cottage.

“Anyways,” Amy continued in a more controlled voice, “I just need a little more time to think. I’ll figure something out soon, you know I will. In the meantime, thanks again for helping me out, Aunt Victoria…” She looked earnestly into her aunt’s big eyes. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Of course, Amy.” Victoria’s smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Anything for you.”

Victoria had her own reasons for going along with Amy’s scheming. She knew better than to blindly believe everything her devious niece said to her, and she had a feeling there was much more to this story than Amy had revealed. That said, Victoria didn’t want the Harwood fortune in either Nick or Tanya’s hands any more than Amy did. Nick was an outsider; obviously he didn’t care about the family at all. And Tanya – no matter what else she was, she was Catherine’s daughter. And Victoria couldn’t stand to watch that woman’s legacy lead her family – that woman who had torn it apart, ruined her brother’s life, and caused her husband’s death. She hated Tanya for her lineage and had a feeling that whatever Amy was planning, uprooting Tanya from her current position as heir was the ultimate goal. So she had fluffed the pillows in the guest room and silently ushered Amy inside, with faith that her niece was up to the task of banishing Tanya forever.  Vote now on what will happen next by clicking view poll.

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