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In the previous episode, readers voted that inside the packet Clay left for Scarlett, she found signed divorce papers and a note from him stated he’d intended to ask for it a month ago.

Episode 13

Scarlett nearly hurled at what she pulled from the packet. Divorce papers?? He cheated on me and now HE wants a divorce?! She just about threw the packet of papers out the window until she saw there was a note in the packet as well. It read:


I have already signed these papers, all you have to do is sign them yourself and you’ll have nothing more to do with me. You can have whatever you want. I had intended on asking for a divorce about a month ago when our arguments first escalated from bad to worse, but I wanted to give it one more shot. I even left Evie… But I traded one thing for another with my work, and things seemed to get gradually even worse. After our last fight, I was weak and called Evie. There’s no good excuse for what happened, I just figured after that you would want these now so I went ahead and signed them.

I hope you find happiness again as I have with Evie and that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive us both.


What the hell did I just read?! A MONTH AGO? And then he says he “even broke things off with Evie” like he was doing ME a favor?! He hopes I can find it in my heart to forgive him?!

Scarlett could only remember being this mad one other time and it was when her father revealed his infidelities to the family and her parents inevitably decided they were splitting. Similar to her reaction back then, she just wanted to hit something for the injustice of it all. She was so sick of people putting her in last place! She lost the most when her parents split. She lost the most with Clay. And then she was almost killed by Clark! Why does all this keep happening to her?! I’m a good person!

Her adrenaline rush after the nerve he had leaving her money and then this ridiculous note left her wanting more than anything to confront Clay. She dialed his number but it was a female voice that answered. Evie’s voice.

“Scarlett?” But Scarlett didn’t answer. She was stunned that apparently she and Clay were so happy together she was already around often enough to answer his phone for him.

“Scarlett? Are you there? Please talk to –“ But Scarlett hung up.

She was so irate she didn’t know what to do. When she got to the strip motel moments after hanging up the phone, she entered her room from the sidewalk that surrounded the buildings parking lot. With nothing but the packet and her phone to her name right now, she didn’t even bother to close the door before throwing the stack of papers and her cell phone at the wall, angering herself even more as the pile of paper flew over her and fell to the floor, literally surrounding her with the failure she’d built her life around. They hadn’t even all hit the floor before a sharp pain shot through to her forehead and her vision went blurry, causing her to stumble backwards.

As she fell, a pair of arms caught her just as she thought she’d hit the ground. Though she remained dizzy, Scarlett still managed to see who it was that caught her as they laid her carefully on the ground, saying her name to ask if she was okay.   Who caught her? Please return to the top of the episode to vote on what happens next!

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