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In the previous episode, readers voted that Clay is who came into her room.

Episode 12


She was still pretty blurry on everything that happened over the last few days, but one thing was seared into her mind clear as day, and that was Clay and Evie rolling around on her bed. The fact that he had the nerve to come here blew her away.

“Why are you here?”

“The hospital called me and said you suffered a head injury. I’m so glad you’re okay…”

“But WHY are YOU here?” Scarlett repeated, hoping he would catch on that she was not happy to see him.

“Look . . .” he started with a sideways glance towards Clark, moving in closer to her before continuing, “just because we . . . I mean I . . . just because things ended the way they did doesn’t mean I don’t care about you anymore. I still want to know you’re okay.” He was almost whispering and choosing his words carefully. It occurred to Scarlett that Clay had no idea it was Clark’s house she went to both times he drove her to leave home. It was him that Clay spoke to next.

“Clark, what are you doing here?” He looked like he was trying to find some explanation in his head because the last he knew, Clark only ever saw Scarlett at work functions and a couple odd occasions, and he certainly didn’t know about what happened between them and Evie.

“I . . . I’m the one who found her. Apparently she had gone on a walk or something and a car almost hit her. To avoid it she must have moved and tripped over something. The road isn’t far from my house and I was on my way home when I saw her.”

Scarlett took it as a testament to just how far apart she and Clay had grown when he seemed to buy that load of crap.

After thanking Clark for bringing her to the hospital, he said that since Clay is there now he’d better go. Scarlett didn’t want him to because she didn’t want to be alone with Clay, but she wasn’t sure how this would play out so she let him leave, also thanking him briefly as he slinked out the door.

“Clay you need to leave. You see that I’m okay, so just leave.” She said, refraining from saying more because she knew it would only make him stay longer.

“I know I messed things up. But we’ve been through so much together. I don’t want to not have a relationship with you just because –“

“Just because what? You slept with my best friend for 6 months, attacked everything about who I am as a person, let me leave crying and then invited my best friend over for another quickie before I got home?!” She didn’t give him another chance to speak and interrupted him when he tried. Much calmer this time, she held up a hand in protest and said, “I don’t care what you want any more Clay. I don’t want to see you or Evie again; you both need to leave me alone.”

Either because he believed her or because he could tell he would get nowhere for at least a while, Clay left, placing on the table behind him a large enclosed envelope she didn’t notice he even had. But at this point her blood was pumping so fast she didn’t give it a second thought. What she did point her attention to, however, is the fact that she was in the hospital because of an injury Clark caused and this was her chance to get out of there without risking him trying to keep her there. She needed to get away and figure out what to do about all this.

Her doctor came in as she was gathering her things and, only after explaining profusely his objection to her going before they had a chance to perform the suggested tests to make sure she’s alright, he had her sign some paperwork and watched her leave.

Scarlett exited quickly no more than 20 minutes after Clay, seething because under the enclosed packet he left on her table, he had also left money. All she could think about was the nerve he had assuming she didn’t have any before it hit her that in reality, she didn’t.  What little she had was left at Clark’s; her license, money, car and car keys. Her only real choice was to find a taxi and a cheap motel to stay in while she decided what her next move was. At least she still had her phone and even that was only because it was in her inside jacket pocket during this whole ordeal.

In the taxi, Scarlett decided to find out what was in the packet from Clay. Just when she thought he couldn’t surprise her anymore, what she pulled from the packet proved her wrong.    What was in it? Please return to the top of the episode to vote on what happens next!

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