Contract of the Dark

contract75x99In the previous episode, readers voted for his next objective to be agree to the terms of his employment with Vance De Phial and take care of the rival CEO Raphael Fantassa.

Episode 2

In the underbelly of New York is a network of subway tracks that vein their way all through the city.  Here, the shaman Grim along with his rag doll minion lurks through the tunnels.  The human-like doll is in the lead, its nose twitching as if it were sniffing out a scent.  Grim glides behind, holding the picture of their target, Vance’s rival CEO, Raphael Fantassa.  He uses the doll as a bloodhound to track down the young man.

Although the tunnels are pitch-black, both have no issues walking through the darkness.  Ahead they spot a speck of light glimmering at the end of the tunnel.  At first, the shaman suspects it to be an oncoming subway train.  Just as he is about to run off the tracks, he realizes that the light stays the same distance away.  Upon a second glance, he sees that the light is from the lamps of a subway platform.  Meanwhile, his demonic doll begins to sprint down the tunnel, its needle-like teeth bearing.  It knows that Fantassa is close.

They find Raphael standing casually on the subway platform, waiting patiently for his train.  While he is rich enough to wear expensive clothing, he chooses to take a cheaper method of transportation.  Many of the wealthy would simply own their own vehicle or at least take a taxi, rather than use something as demeaning as a public subway.  Tonight though, that may prove to be a fatal mistake.

Grim remains hidden in the shadows of the tunnel, while his minion leaps onto the platform.  Raphael jumps at the sight of the strange human, startled from where he came from.  The Grim Doll smiles widely, showing its mouth is full of metallic fangs.

“What in the world?” Raphael gawks at creature, more confused than terrified.

The doll lunges at him, letting out a sickening hiss as its war-cry.  Unable to back away fast enough, Raphael chooses to stand his ground.  Summoning all the courage he has, he punches the doll.  Such force causes the head to snap back, which would have broken its neck if it were human.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Grabbing its dislocated head, the doll twists it back into place.

Raphael looks panicked, “What…what the hell are you?”

The doll never gives an answer, only attacks.  Needle teeth dig into Raphael’s arm, causing him to scream in pain.  The young Fantassa tries to break from of the bear trap jaws of the doll, but fails.  After taking a bite out of the arm, the doll goes for the throat.  An instant later, it is over.  Raphael’s body hangs motionless, as the entirety of his neck is locked in the doll’s expanding jaw.  It prepares to enjoy its meal.

Suddenly, Reaper barks frantically, “Get away from him!”

Before it can take heed of its master’s warning, the doll is knocked back by some force.  It wails in pain as its arms are viciously ripped from its ragged body.  Instead of blood spilling, piles of sticky red cotton tumble out.  Even as it bleeds, death is nowhere near taking the monstrosity.  Looking back to the body of Raphael, the Grim Doll sees the thing that has ripped off its arms.

The body of Fantassa is nowhere to be seen.  Standing there is incarnation of utter darkness taking on a humanoid shape.  In each of its long black hands are the severed arms.  A moment later it crumbles to dust, disappearing as quickly as it came.

Standing there for a moment in confusion, the doll turns to its master for guidance.  As it looks back onto the subway tracks, it sees that Grim is with another.  The shaman looks with a scowl as it is Raphael Fantassa that graces him with his presence.  The young man is completely unharmed, and stands with an air of confidence about him.

“What magic is this?” Grim growls at him, eyes glowing with a bitter rage.

“Gamma,” Raphael looks over his shoulder, “I leave these two to you.  Please come home when you are finished playing.”

Raphael steps past the bewildered shaman, vanishing into the tunnel.  Grim and his pet stand in the empty station, confounded at what just transpired.  No sooner does Fantassa leave than the area becomes consumed in a strange darkness.  Everything becomes darker, which makes the shaman uneasy.  In this empty void of black, a figure appears to materialize out of nothing.

The thing is a human shape, hidden under a black cloak and a hood drawn over its face.  It is short, appearing to be the size of a child.  Walking toward Grim and his doll, everything becomes darker with every step this thing takes.  Then, it stops and smiles.

“You,” Grim whispers, as a bead of sweat drips down the side of his face, “You’re not human…”

This things answer sounds like multiple people speaking in unison, “No, I am Gamma.”

Just then, large eyes open up in the darkness, surrounding everything in a sea of eerie stares.  Violet hues glare at Grim and the doll, focusing solely on them.

“W-what do you want?” Grim asks, starting to fear this Gamma.

As if triggering something, all of the violet eyes begin spinning wildly in their sockets.  They appear mad in their voracity, sending everything into a chill.

Gamma answers them with a childish giggle, “I want you to die…”

Darkness consumes as horrid screams erupt from oblivion.

Though thought to be empty, someone hides in the shadows of the subway station, away from the maddening eyes and the creature called Gamma.  This bystander watches intently, witnessing the fate of Grim and his doll.   Who is the person that hides in the shadows? Please return to the top of the page to vote!

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