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In the previous episode, readers voted that everything went black because Clark knocked her out from in front of the car, the pain of hitting the concrete causing her to black out.

Episode 11

Scarlett opened her eyes to what felt like someone trying to saw her head in two and Clark hovering over her on the ground. He looked panicked and when she tried to sit up he immediately told her to stay still.

She laid back down on the ground but when she went to put her head on the concrete, pain shot through her entire body causing her to yo-yo in and out of consciousness from then on. She didn’t remember much from her bouts of being half-awake, just Clark’s hands covered in something dark as he fumbled his shirt off and tried to tell her to “stay with him”. In that moment, she didn’t realize he meant for her to try to stay awake, and instead she thought he meant stay with him from then on. She vaguely recalled wondering to herself if she would or not before the darkness returned.

The next time she woke up, and really woke up, it was in a hospital bed. She looked around groggily wondering how she even got there before Clark came to mind and everything that happened the night before . . . night? Day? Hour? She didn’t know how long she’d been out. Scarlett also found herself worried, once again, about Clark, for which she scorned herself. She had no good reason to be concerned for the well-being of someone who wanted to hurt her.

As irony would have it, Clark came through her hospital door looking tired as all hell and relieved when he found her awake. She noted that he had on the same dirty jeans and tank top as last time she saw him and figured she must not have been out long.

“Scarlett! Oh thank God . . . Jesus I didn’t know what . . .” He said, moving to her bed then reaching out to grab her hand, pulling back when he realized that wasn’t a good idea, he sat down in the closest chair instead and pulled it forward. “I didn’t know how badly you were hurt and the doctor said he stitched you up and you should be fine but you never know how head injuries are going to turn out until the person wakes up and –“ He continued, getting interrupted by both the doctor and Scarlett’s horrified look as he told his story. Head injury?! What the hell happened?!

The doctor glided in, commenting that her being awake so soon is a good sign and then asking her the typical “Who’s president and what day is it” type questions used to determine the level trauma after a head injury. He explained she needed 5 stitches on the back of her head from where she fell onto the concrete and, with a suspicious look in Clark’s direction and a semi-sarcastic tone, told her she was “lucky the car just scared you into falling backwards instead of hitting you”. Clark hunched over, avoiding the doctor’s judgmental gaze. He knew the doctor sooner suspected a domestic abuse incident over an accidental tripping. 

The doc finally left and Scarlett just sat there still trying to gather her thoughts. She struggled to remember the full timeline of what happened the past few days despite passing the long-term memory test she was just given.

“Scarlett.” Clark said, making her jump because she, admittedly, had forgotten he was there. “How do you feel?”

“I . . . I don’t know. Physically I’m apparently on too many pain killers to realize I even had stitches and a busted up arm, but mentally I . . . I don’t know what to say to you.” Scarlett felt like she should be more scared of him. He tried to kill her for God’s sake. Why did he save me then? She wondered.

“Do you have any questions? Or if you want I can just tell you what happened and you can stop me when I hit a point you remember?”

“ . . . What happened to the car?” What? She asked herself. THAT’S your first question?

“You mean the one you put yourself in the way of?” He said, failing to contain his obvious frustration at her putting herself in harm’s way. “It drove off.”  Scarlett now vaguely recalled her unexplainable stopping in the car’s path. What the hell was she thinking?

“Scarlett I was running after you because those woods are dangerous and if you got hurt I didn’t want you stuck out there. If that’s what happened to your arm then it could’ve been a lot worse and I just can’t –“

Clark wasn’t able to finish before Scarlett’s door opened again and who came walking through brought with them a flush of bad memories.  Who was it that came in? Please return to the top of the episode to vote on what happens next!

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