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In the episode 9, readers voted that she tripped and fell down a hill, injuring her arm before getting up and continuing to run.

Episode 10

Scarlett ran for what seemed like forever and thought surely she must be nearing an end to the woods. Barely aware anymore of whether or not Clark was still behind her, she continued to sprint. Before she even began another thought she felt her boot catch on what must have been a fallen branch and next thing she knew, she was flying through the air. Scarlett rolled down a small hill until she got to the end where she stopped and realized an immense pain radiated from her left arm. She put her hand up to the injury, seeing as she pulled it away again that she was bleeding fairly heavily from the wound. Scarlett removed the blouse from over her tank top and wrapped it around her arm, snapped out of her daze by Clark’s voice and footsteps drawing significantly closer after such a delay.

She silently cursed herself as he drew nearer, recognizing that if she hadn’t fallen, she would have likely outrun him. Coddling her arm, she forced herself to get back up and keep moving, though she’s much slower this time for ever thud and vibration seem to travel straight through her injured arm.

Scarlett noticed her adrenaline was not pumping nearly as fast as it had been before she’d fallen. Even worse, she noticed that if she wanted to, she could run faster, but she did not feel that motivation.

But she kept running. Continuing to bleed from her arm but she ran until the pain left her thinking she couldn’t anymore and then she just kept going, trying desperately to convince herself the heavy thudding of him chasing her was one she could, or she should… escape, and that surely the woods were going to end soon, leading her to people who could help her.

She remembered the terror when she awoke, duct-tape bound to a chair. She remembered feeling betrayed and so foolish for not seeing who he really was. But now, as she continued to run, she began to weigh her options . . . Should she try to change him? Maybe she could get him to tell her the truth about her sister. Why is he even still following her? Why is she so important? Should she keep going, hoping to find someone who could help get this lunatic arrested? What if the police don’t believe her? She really had nothing on him and by the time they got to him he would surely have removed all incriminating things.  Wait . . . He said he loved her . . . Should she believe him? Did she love him, too? Despite everything? No, surely she can’t. He killed her sister! He practically came out and told her!

She jogged now. It didn’t make sense. Part of her knew the decision she would make. But she started running again and alternated until one side of her finally won. By this time, she burst through the tree line out of the woods and came to concrete under her feet, the sudden difference in footing causing her to fall. She paused for a moment, cherishing that she was, more literally than metaphorically, out of the woods. Before she was fully aware of her surroundings she noticed herself on the edge of a curve in a narrow road, listening to his footsteps coming closer and closer, and finding herself oddly cemented where she was standing. She turned around as though to face him when he arrived, the adrenaline having returned to her body, telling her she had no idea what she would do when he got there but not letting her move, caught in some blissful place between terror and excitement she’d never been before. He was so close.

The next thing she heard was a car approaching. She started backing away, moving further into the road intending, she thought, to cross it. She no sooner saw his dirty, sweat covered face emerge from the same spot she just had than the car whipped around the curve in the road, it’s headlights casting briefly but eerily over his entire body. She stood there, towards the other side of the road while everything went into slow motion. He ran towards her, the car coming at her from her right but she didn’t even look, she just closed her eyes, not knowing what would happen until next thing she knew, everything went black… Why did everything go black? Please return to the top of the episode to vote on what happens next!

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