Kiss Them Deadly

Kiss75x99In the previous episode, readers voted that she trust Raymond.

Episode 10

Alexa weighed their words.  Dr. Foormer had always been kind to her.  But Raymond, he had just saved her life, at least twice.  She had to believe him.

Alexa noticed that General Carter was going for her side arm.  Alexa glared at the general.  The general held her chest and fell over.  Alexa observed the looks on Raymond’s and Dr. Foormer’s faces.  Dr. Foormer’s eyes were wide open and he was even paler than usual.  Alexa could have sworn Raymond’s lips curled up giving just the hint of a smile.  Could Alexa be wrong?

The message, “back on line,” scrolled across Alexa’s eyes.  It was from S.I.D.  “Sorry I was off line for so long,” the message continued. 

“S.I.D. what do you mean you’re back online?” Alexa questioned, purposely out loud.  Alexa steadied her attention on Raymond.  “S.I.D. you were online back on the ground in Paris.  You helped me save Raymond.”

“Ah, no, that was not me,” S.I.D. said loudly over the hovercraft’s speaker system.  “I am a very advanced A.I. I would have remembered that.  I conclude I was hacked and another advanced A.I. posed as me.”

Raymond moved to behind Dr. Foormer, locking him in a choke hold, pressing his head forward. 

“Sorry, doll,” Raymond said to Alexa.  “Looks like I’ve been caught in a white lie.”

Alexa clenched her fists.

Raymond shook his head.  “No!  No!  Don’t try anything.  I assure you I can snap your good doctor’s neck before you can kill me.  Remember being an android I’m very hard to kill…”

Alexa’s hair rippled around her from the energy coursing through her body.  “So, this entire thing was a ruse?”

Raymond smiled as he put more pressure on Dr. Foormer’s neck.  “Yeah, guilty as charged.  I wanted to lure you here.  I really wanted to get my hands on you.  I knew I could make you into more.”  His smiled grew.  “Together you and I could be an unstoppable force.”

Alexa looked at Raymond she unclenched her fists.  “What if I don’t want to be an unstoppable force?”

Raymond shrugged.  “Too late, you are.  You just need to learn how to control your gift a little more.  I can help you.”

Alexa shook her head.  “I don’t know…”

“Alexa, these humans, they just wanted to use you.  I want to HELP you,” Raymond said.  “We are meant to be together.  We are better than everybody else.”  Raymond started to apply more pressure to Dr. Foormer’s neck.  “First let me remove one last remnant from your past.”

Alexa smiled, wickedly.  “Please, violence is so uncivil,” she snickered.  Alexa walked up to Dr. Foormer.  She lifted up his chin. She exhaled on him.  He went limp. 

Raymond dropped the doctor’s lifeless body to the ground.  “Now, that’s my girl,” he said.

“I’ve already over powered the minds of the pilot and co-pilots,” Alexa told Raymond as she embraced him.  “We can have them take us wherever we wish.”

“I would love to get my hands and my nano-bots on that technology you have in your base,” Raymond said.  “The things we could do with that.  We could take over everything.  Make things the way they should be.”

Alexa looked Raymond directly in the eyes.  She smiled.  He returned her smile.  She leaned in.  Raymond met her halfway.  They kissed, hard.  Alexa tightened her embrace on Raymond, energy rippling from Raymond into Alexa.  Raymond wanted to scream but he couldn’t he was too weak.  Alexa was crackling with energy, her body glowing from the power.  She released her lips from Raymond’s.   His android face had been drained of all color.

 “I did learn from you,” Alexa told him.  “I learned how to kill you.”

Alexa let Raymond’s lifeless body fall to the ground.



“Where are we?” Dr. Foormer said groggily from the floor of the hover craft.

“Sir, we are back to base,” one of the pilots said.  “Though we have no idea how we arrived here.”

The doctor looked over at General Carter still lying lifeless on the floor.  “How’s the general?”

“The general had a mild heart attack but will survive,” S.I.D. said.

The doctor sat up and looked around.  “Where’s Alexa?”

“Her current location is unknown,” S.I.D. said.

“So we’ve lost her?”

“I would say yes,” S.I.D. said, “but she left a message.”

The doctor noticed Raymond’s lifeless body on the ground.  “Well at least she did stop Raymond.”  The doctor stood up.  His knees wobbled but they held.

“What was her message?”

“Don’t come looking for me,” S.I.D. said.

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