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HouseHarwood75x99In the previous episode, readers voted that she did not tell on Granny. She’s worried about her inheritance, so she’ll think of another form of payback.

Episode 10

For as long as Amy could remember, she had felt an imbalance in her family. She recalled the first time she realized that her mother was the “second.” It had made a big impression on little Amy: the second wife, the second best, never living up to the first. Because of her untimely death, Catherine would always live on, eternally perfect in the eyes of her former husband, whereas Sophia would be a living replica which could never quite measure up.

That was how Amy had always felt about Tanya – Amy was second, lesser, and that was not okay with her. It was as if Tanya was descended from a god, and Amy bitterly resented it. And on top of that, Amy had always felt that Tanya didn’t really care about the family that much. When she herself would sit drinking tea with Granny for hours or run her hands up and down the mahogany banisters of the house in reverence, Tanya was rarely at the house and treated it simply as a place to eat or sleep. Nevertheless, she was treated like the queen of the castle. Always the best toys, clothes, you name it. And while John James had never been particularly affectionate with either of the girls, he had always bestowed little hugs, brusque kisses, or the rare genuine smile on Tanya, whereas Amy was lucky to get so much as a pat on the head.

She had always felt she had an ally in Granny. Granny understood her, valued her, Granny would be there when she needed someone. Now Amy paced her bedroom, the bite of Granny’s betrayal gnawing at her with every step. No one was going to look out for her, that was clear now. But if they thought she was going to roll over and let Tanya walk away with her family, her house, and her money, they were sadly, pitifully wrong. She was not her mother, and she would show them all what she was made of. And as for Granny – Amy stopped pacing and bent down to look into the vanity mirror, running her slender finger over her perfectly arched eyebrow – she would pay dearly for this.—

Tanya got up from the couch and walked out of the library, leaving her family deep in thought behind her. For the first time, she really looked around the house – at the high vaulted ceilings, at the grand mahogany staircase, at the paintings of her ancestors on the walls. She had a lot to think about, certainly, a lot of questions that needed answers. But she also had the overwhelming feeling of being at home. She had never turned to the house for comfort before, in fact she had been trying to escape it all her life. But now, now that she had almost lost it twice, it felt different. She passed by her father’s study, the door slightly ajar and the room dimly lit with a soft green light. Tanya pushed the door open slowly and held her breath as her eyes swept over the plush leather couches, the imposing desk, and the wall-to-wall bookshelves. It was a powerful room, and Tanya felt the presence of the Harwood legacy like she had never felt it before. It gave her strength, and she stood there for a long time, taking in the energy of her ancestors. What’s different now that’s it’s a year later and Thanksgiving again? Please return to the top of this episode to vote on what happens next!

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