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kitty-mcclarren75x99In episode 8, readers voted that Kitty receives a call saying her mother has been in a bad accident and is in the hospital. She’s being urged to come back to New York.

Episode 9

Kitty pressed the phone closer against her eardrum.  “I don’t think I heard you right.  What did you say?”

“Your mother is at Lenox Hill, in a coma,” Celeste repeated on the other end.  “They think she had a stroke and fell down the stairs, banged herself up pretty badly.  The doctors tried to contact you but you never answered your phone.  Where are you, anyway?”

It had only been three days since Kitty had been in Quebec with Bobby.  She had noticed a barrage of calls going off on her phone within the last twenty-four hours…but not recognizing the number, she didn’t answer.  And there were no voice-mails.

“I’m out of town, Celeste,” Kitty said.  “A last minute thing.  But I’m coming back.  I’ll be there tomorrow, just as soon as I can.”

The next day, Kitty rented a car for her journey back to Manhattan.  As she sped home, she thought of her tense exchange with Bobby before she had driven off.

“So, baby, when are you coming back?” Bobby had said.  “I need you with me, you know.”

“I don’t know, Bobby,” she had told him.                                                                   

“Well, give me a time frame, at least.  Four, five days?  A week?  What are we looking at?”

“My mom is sick, Bobby.  She had a heart attack.  You get that right?  The last thing I’m thinking about is driving back to Quebec right away.”

The fact that he could only think about himself and his plight–and wanting her all to himself just because he was on the lam–made Kitty see red.  How dare he be so selfish! Who the hell does he think he is and more importantly, what am I doing with him in Canada?  Hiding out like a common criminal!  I’m Kitty McClarren, damn it, and I have a life!  It isn’t my fault he made bad choices…why should I make his problems my own?  

When she finally arrived at Lenox Hill, it was dark out.  The site of her mother bruised, bandaged, and hooked to so many wires brought Kitty to tears.  Maryanne had always been a strong woman.  Kitty, in all of her life, had only seen her spry, five foot three mother cry twice and come down with the flu once.   She was a warrior, the matriarch, and for her to be in such a dilapidated state was too much for Kitty to bear.  She collapsed in a bedside chair and her body trembled with sobs.

“There’s nothing you can do right now, sweetie,” the nurse said to her, putting an arm around Kitty’s shoulder.  “Go home and get some rest.  Come back tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be some good news.”

Kitty wondered why she hadn’t visited her mother more in the last month.  I’ve been a bad daughter, so consumed with work.  If her mom woke from her coma–God willing–Kitty vowed to be more attentive.  Maybe the ordeal was a blessing in disguise, she said to herself; in that instant, she realized, with tremendous clarity, how unhealthy Bobby was for her.  Sure, he was exciting, but surely there were other men out there who offered just as much excitement, minus the criminal background!  What on earth had she been thinking, running away with him like that?  Ugh.  Better to realize it now than later.

Kitty drove straight to her apartment, mentally and physically drained.  She prayed the morning would yield positive news. What happens the next day to Kitty? Please return to the top of this episode to vote on what happens next!

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