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In episode 8, readers voted that they bring the body with them.

Episode 9

“Our hover craft will be here in one minute,” S.I.D. told Alexa.  “I detect no hostiles within a 500 meter radius.  Apparently those you haven’t killed don’t want anything to do with you.  Like they say, discretion is the better part of valor.”

“I prefer to think of it as living to fight another day,” Alexa said.

“Whatever,” S.I.D. said rather dismissively.  “Have you decided what to do with Raymond’s body?  General Carter and Dr. Foormer are both on the extraction hover.  I know they would love to examine him.”

Alexa nodded.  She bent down and lifted Raymond’s body onto her shoulder.  She heard the light whisper of a hovercraft engine drawing nearer.  Looking up she saw a red, white and blue, bullet shaped hover craft coming towards them.

“I assume that’s ours,” Alexa said.

“Confirmed,” S.I.D. answered.

The hover landed in the now abandoned street just a few meters from Alexa.  The door popped open.  Two armed soldiers in white protective armor popped out of the door.  One scanned to the left.  The other scanned to the right. 

“All hostiles have been neutralized,” one of the men said.

The other man waved for Alexa to approach.  Alexa walked towards the hover carrying Raymond on her shoulder.  Suddenly the two escorts opened up fire.

One of the soldiers grabbed his shoulder and fell back into the hover.  The other shouted at Alexa.  “Move fast now.  We have new hostiles.”

Alexa turned to see three disc drones had emerged from the same sewer hole she and Raymond used to escape.  Alexa glared at the drones.  The drones started to shake and then sizzle with heat before they burst into flames.

Alexa continued into the hover.  The door closed behind her.  A medic worked on the wounded guard.

“Let’s get out of here, STAT!” General Carter ordered.  She was a tall, stocky, hard looking woman.

The hover lifted off the ground. 

Alexa dropped Raymond’s lifeless body on the floor.

“Very impressive what you did back there Alexa,” Dr. Carter said.  “We count at least 30 terrorists dead.  Plus, you brought us their leader to study.”

Alexa focused her attention on General Carter and Dr. Foormer.  “Tell me what this was really all about now!” she ordered.

Dr. Foormer walked up to Alexa and put a hand on her shoulder.  He was an older man with kind eyes.  Alexa had always trusted him.   She hoped that trust had not been misplaced all those years.

Dr.  Foormer looked at Raymond’s body.  “S.I.D. informed us that he was an android.  Incredible.  His body will be a great asset for us to study.”

“So you didn’t know he was an android when you sent me after him?”

General Carter answered for the Doctor, “No, of course not.  We would not send our best asset after a target without giving that asset all the information we had.”

Just then, Raymond’s eyes popped open.  He sat up.  He looked around.  “Don’t believe them, Alexa.  They set you up.”

Two of the security men on the hover pointed their weapons at Raymond. 

“What the?” General Carter said.

“Amazing,” Dr. Foormer said. 

“Put the android down now!” General Carter ordered.

The guards on the hover aimed their weapons at Raymond.

Raymond turned to Alexa, looking at her with pleading eyes.  “See Alexa, they are so anxious to silence me.  They used me to bring out the best in you and now they just want to discard me.   Don’t let them do it!”

“Shoot him now!” General Carter ordered.

Alexa glanced at the armed guards.  They collapsed to the ground.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t dead.  At least not yet,” Alexa said.  She made a fist.  “Now I need you all to tell me the truth!”

“Alexa we had no idea Raymond was an android!” Dr. Foormer said.

Raymond snickered.  “Alexa, I’ve saved your life.  You have to believe me.  They set you up.”  Who does Alexa trust now? Please return to the top of this episode to vote on what happens next!

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