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In Episode 6, readers voted that the woman is Evie, her best friend.

Episode 7

Scarlett lost her footing but was lucky in that the carpet’s softness prevented her from calling attention to herself.

Evie?! She thought to herself. No! That can’t be Evie. It just can’t be. Despite knowing it was, in fact, Evie, Scarlett let her denial lead her to peeking up once more, this time seeing Evie’s tattoo on her side, the one matching Scarlett’s… They had gotten it together on a trip to Cancun just before she and Clay got married.

This can’t be happening…this just can’t be happening… How could they betray me like this! I haven’t been gone a full 24 hours and not only does HE invite her into OUR bed, but she accepts! Scarlett has never been so furious and so hurt at the same time. Peeking once again, she waited until they were both out of sight of the door before she moved stealthily up the rest of the stairs and towards the room, stopping just outside the doorway. She paused only a moment before stepping into the room. They  didn’t even notice.

Now even more furious, Scarlett slammed the door shut behind her and they both jumped up.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Were you not expecting me?” Scarlett began, oozing sarcasm.

“Scar-,“ Clay tried to say, but she interrupted him.

“No no, you’re right. After all I did leave in tears and this is only MY house and MY bed. Why would you expect me home so soon? I mean, at a certain point it’s my own fault because I did go ahead and ignore the LOCKED but not quite CLOSED door that should have been a clear sign you didn’t want to be disturbed. How rude of me!”

“Scarlett…” Evie tried this time, but she wasn’t about it let her finish either.

“How could you! We have been best friends for a goddamn decade, Evie! I’ve always thought you two were just a little too goddamned closed a little too goddamned often but to hell if I didn’t tell my inner voice to pipe the hell down! How long has this been going on! And I swear, if you try to lie to me I will make sure you suffer just as much as he does the second I divorce his sorry ass!”

Evie just sat there, tears running down her face and silent. Clay looked at her and then back at me before he said, head in hands, “6 months”.

“SIX MONTHS?! This has happened for six months!!” Evie jumped at how loud Scarlett screamed.

Scarlett stood motionless for a few moments before Clay tried to talk again and she, shaking with anger, stopped him. After standing there a few more moments, Scarlett breathed deeply and directed her next words at the both of them.

“You both are as low on the scum scale as you can get. Clay, if you were so damn unhappy with me, you should have left. Evelyn,” Scarlett used her real name, knowing Evie would recognize Scarlett hasn’t called her that since before they became friends instead of strangers, “I cannot begin to fathom what led you here, but I can guarantee I do not care. I was one person you both could have counted on to have my heart and soul in whatever you asked of me, but now I will make sure I do everything, and I mean everything, in my power to make you both suffer the pain you’ve caused me.”

Scarlett knew there was nothing left to say. She turned to leave the house. Neither of them followed, but then, she didn’t expect them to. This time when she got into the car, she was not sad. She wasn’t even really angry anymore except for the piece of her yelling at her for not seeing it coming or trusting her gut when she had her earlier suspicions.

As she started driving, Scarlett realized she wasn’t sad or angry or hurt anymore because, in a way, she was glad it was over, definitively over. There was no question, no doubt, no self-loathing or stress of over-thinking, not anymore. Now it was absolutely clear that nothing could save or could have saved them and that she didn’t want it to be saved. Scarlett almost wondered, looking back, if she had always known she and Clay weren’t right for one another; if she stayed with him because she couldn’t think of a good reason not to and since not being head over heels, at least without someone she was head over heels for, didn’t seem like a good reason to leave. And she did love him, but now she questioned if she was ever in love with him. The ending of this relationship, especially by his hand, means she can move on and hope to find someone she really does feel head over heels for.

Scarlett came out of her thoughts realizing she was driving back to Clark’s. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea, especially knowing his feelings for her, but Scarlett had no one else now and, who knows, maybe it would be a good start to seeing if they could go anywhere. She already got butterflies knowing she would see him soon. That has to mean something, right?

To her surprise, Clark was still awake and surprised to see her, but happily invited her back in. Scarlett got emotional in the midst of recounting to him their betrayal and realizing how stupid she had been to trust them. He let her cry in his arms until she fell asleep with her head on his chest, but when she awoke, that is certainly not where she was any longer.

Where was she when she woke up?
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