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kitty-mcclarren75x99In episode 7, readers voted that Paul Mazzarini posts bail and Bobby decides he has to skip town–he asks Kitty to come with him.

Episode 8

“New York nightclub owner, Paul Mazzarini, who has been rumored to be responsible for the murder of at least two dozen men, including a man killed at Mazzarini’s lounge, Deuces, is now free on bail.  Mazzarini’s bail was set at 1.2 million dollars.  When asked to comment, Mazzarini’s lawyer spoke up and said his client is innocent and unjustly accused.”

Kitty and Bobby watched the morning news together.  The color in Bobby’s face dissipated with every word the reporter uttered.

“I know you won’t tell me, but I bet you he’s guilty.”  Kitty said as she stretched her legs across Bobby’s lap.  “Even though he looks like a teddy bear, Paul’s eyes have this cold, dead look.”

“Yeah,” was Bobby’s tight-lipped reply.  He jumped up and began to pace.

“Bobby, you okay?”

“No.  I gotta skip town.”

“What?  Again?”

“Look, this is all I’m gonna say:  the lawyer is right.”

Kitty raised her brows.  “What–about Paul being innocent?”  She waited for a response but he remained silent.  “So the cops did arrest the wrong guy then?  And since you were also there that night….this means–”

“I told you, Kitty, I can’t fucking talk about it!  Stop asking questions.”  Bobby walked to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water.  “You’re a smart girl, you get the gist.  This isn’t good.  None of this is good.  I gotta make a call.”  He disappeared into the bedroom and emerged a half hour later.

“Any good news?” she asked.

“I wish,” he mumbled.  “I’m leaving tonight, Kitty.  I have no choice, and I gotta know–are you in?”

“Am I…in?”

Bobby took Kitty’s hands in his.  “Come with me.  I’m crazy about you, Kitty.  I love you, and I want you with me.”

Kitty’s heart skipped several beats.  Words evaded her and she could only murmur, “I…uh…”

“What, you’re sayin’ you feel nothin’ for me?” he demanded.

“No, that’s not at all what I’m saying.  I love you, too, Bobby.  I have since the moment I met you, I think.  I just don’t know about your plan.”  She took a deep breath.  “I mean, where would we go?”

“I got a friend in Canada we can lay low with for a while.  I’ve got no choice here, Kitty.  No two ways about it, I gotta get the hell outta Dodge.  It’s just a question of you coming with me.  I need you, Kitty…I want you with me.”

Kitty’s mind was racing.  She blinked several times, as if the motion would slow her brain down.  “But what about me and my career?  I get that you need to skip town but–”

“I’ve got my hands in lotsa different cookie jars, Kitty.  Lots.  I told you I’m the primary investor of two films that start shooting in six months–one in Queens, one in L.A.  We lay low for a bit, while there’s heat, and then in a few months’ time you make a big splash in one of the films.  Or both!  Why not, I’ll make sure you get parts in both.  You’ll be amazing, I bet.”

“I appreciate that, Bobby.  Thank you.  But, I mean…until then…”  Kitty’s voice trailed off.

“Until then we’ve got each other while we keep a low profile.”  Bobby softly stroked her head.

For the first time in her life, Kitty decided to take a chance on love.  What have I got to lose?  I’ve focused on my career for so long I’ve forgotten about life.  And here is this gorgeous man who says he loves me…

By dusk, the two lovebirds were on the road, headed north.  Kitty held Bobby’s hand for nearly the entirety of the seven hour drive.  She wondered what on earth she would tell her family…she couldn’t let anyone know her whereabouts, or whom she was with, but she wanted her mother and sister to understand she was going to be gone for a while–and that she was safe…

She glanced over at Bobby; the moonlight illuminated his classically handsome features.  He caught her staring and, with a grin, gave her hand a squeeze.  Kitty’s heart soared.  In that moment, she had forgotten all about her unanswered questions.

What happens next to Kitty?
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