Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 7, readers voted that Alexa does not return to her trainers.

Episode 8

“Come on Alexa,” Raymond coaxed.  “We need to get out of here fast before they send reinforcements.  Lots of them.”  He touched her gently on the shoulder.  “Quick, call your people.  I know they have a hover craft on standby.”

Alexa locked eyes with Raymond.  “No,” she said.  “I just don’t trust you.  I’m not bringing you back to my base.”

Raymond’s eyes started to blink rapidly.  “No!” he shouted.

Raymond outstretched his body and dove in front of Alexa.  Alexa heard the sound of a blaster.  Raymond crumbled to the ground,  his chest smoldering.  It took Alexa a second to realize that Raymond had used his body as a shield for her.  Glancing up quickly  Alexa saw a hover craft with a pilot and two snipers silently floating above them. 

Alexa dove to the side just as the snipers opened up fire again.  The blasts from their lasers hit her, once in the shoulder, once in the back of her arm.   Alexa hit the ground face first.  She was hurt but alive.  Though she knew if she didn’t do something  fast, she wouldn’t be alive very long.  Alexa rolled to the left.  Two more laser blasts, hit the spot she had been just a split second ago.  Alexa glared up at the hover craft.  It was at least 300 meters above her.   Alexa wasn’t sure if her power could extend that far.  If it couldn’t she was dead.  She was actually surprised she wasn’t dead yet.

S.I.D. came back online.  “I’m back!” S.I.D. said.  “I’ve temporarily jammed the shooters’ weapons, but you better do something before they find a work around.”

Alexa smiled.  She pointed her index finger at the hovercraft, she extended her thumb.  “Bang, you’re dead,”Alexa said, touching her thumb to her index finger.

The hovercraft exploded into a bright orange fire ball.  Embers from all that remained of the hover craft sprinkled to the ground like sizzling hot red snow flakes.

“Wow,” S.I.D. said.  “I didn’t know you could do that!”

“Neither did I,” Alexa said.

“I have called for an extraction team,” S.I.D. told her.  “They will be here in three minutes…”

Alexa looked over at Raymond’s body.  He was laying prone on the ground.  She walked over, knelt down and turned over his body.   There was a small hole in his chest that was still smoldering.

“He saved my life,” Alexa said.  “I didn’t trust him and he saved my life.”

“Yes, he is an interesting creation,” S.I.D. said.  “I am scanning him now.  I do believe we should return him to headquarters for a more complete scan.  I am sure Dr. Foormer and General Carter would be interested in him.  After all, they thought he was a human hacker.”

What does Alexa do with Raymond’s body?
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  1. I was torn on how to vote this time. On one hand, the body might be tracked and thus reveal the location of her HQ. On the other hand, there is a need to know more about it; if one can be created, then probably so can another.

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