Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 6, readers voted for Alexa to use her powers to spare herself.

Episode 7

Alexa appraised the situation.  Her training had taught her to relax, not to do anything rash.  Examine all the options quickly and efficiently before reacting.  When you can kill with a touch, it’s best to stay in control. 

Alexa didn’t like what she saw.  They were pinned in on dark, damp, black side alley.  The enemy had been waiting for them.  She started counting the number of antagonists.   There were five on the roof of the building to the right.  There were five on the roof of the building to the left.  There were 15 behind barricades to the front of them.  She couldn’t see but she could sense there were at least five more behind them.   They all had heavy weapons drawn and aimed.  Alexa’s torso and head were dotted with red spots from the laser sights, reinforcing that point.

“We would prefer to take you alive,” the commander of the troops shouted.  “Now get down on the ground with your hands behind your backs.”

Alexa heard Raymond inside her head.  “Alexa, you can’t let them capture you.  You are who they wanted all along.  They want to turn you into a weapon of mass destructionYou can’t let them control you.”

But you’re the one who turned me into a weapon of mass destruction,” Alexa thought back.

No, I just helped bring the real you out. My way, YOU are in control.”

“Drop now!” the commander ordered.

You can’t trust them,” Raymond thought to Alexa.

I don’t really trust you either,” Alexa thought back. 

Then trust yourself…”

Alexa took a deep breath.  She felt strange, but it was an invigorating strange.  Her power was coursing through her body.  She could feel it growing with each breath, with each beat of her heart.  These people were no match for her.  But she would give them a chance.

“I warn you all now, leave me alone,” Alexa shouted.

Alexa was greeted with silence.  She opened up her senses, letting the energy and the thoughts around her flow to her.  The soldiers weren’t going to leave.  She knew they wouldn’t back down, but she had to give them a chance.

Alexa stood there, motionless.  She didn’t need to move to do what she had to do.  She simply relaxed, letting out that which she normally tried so hard to contain.   Looking out at her would-be assailants she watched partly in terror, partly in joy as those in the front all dropped to the ground – lifeless.   Turning to the ones on top of the building, they too were lifeless.  Alexa knew they were all dead.

Alexa saw lifeless birds now dotted the ground.  There were a few dead rats by an old green garbage bin.  The night air was filled with silence. 

Raymond stepped forward.  He put a gentle arm on Alexa’s shoulder.  “I detect no signs of life for at least a hundred meter radius…”

Alexa turned to him.  “I have become death…”

Raymond looked her in the eyes.  “Alexa, more will be coming.  Unless you want to kill them also I suggest we run.”  A slight pause.  “Contact your people and have them extract us.”

Alexa glared at Raymond.  “I thought you said I couldn’t trust them…”

Raymond nodded.  “That was before I saw how powerful you truly are.  Only they have the resources to help you control this power…”  He paused.  “We could run on our own.  I’m just worried you would hurt more innocents…”

Alexa weighed Raymond’s words….

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