Heart of Palms

Palms75x99In the previous episode, readers voted that Ella asks her to bring it to the hospital and says she will try to let her visit Cole for a moment.

Episode 21

Ella asked Sara to bring Bella’s purse to the hospital and told her that she would try to arrange a visit with Cole. Sara arrived shortly after their call. They talked in her office for over an hour. Sara explained how she dealt a little bit of dope, only marijuana, to make some extra money and only to friends or people she knew very well. Cole used to come into the brewery where she worked and they became good friends. He had a crush on her and Sara knew it. She took advantage of him when she needed some help. She just asked him to run some small errands when she was stuck on a long shift at work. He would deliver the drugs and bring her the cash. She would give him a nice tip for his help and spent quite a lot time talking with him, as friends. She genuinely cared for him but more like a brother.

Sara had no idea who she worked for or who was in charge of the drugs. All she knew was that she was allowed to purchase 5 pounds at a time. She would send a simple text 5@SLW (her initials) to a phone number she had been given. A location would then be texted back and a key would be delivered to her apartment via courier or FedEx within 24 hours. Common locations for the pick up would be gym lockers, or locked mailboxes of abandon homes, or even hotel rooms. There was never a meeting with another person and the phone numbers changed each time there was a new delivery. The new number would be written on the package that was picked up and she left cash in place of the package. Sara would divide up her purchase and sell it to those she knew. Usually five pounds would last her about a month. It had worked perfectly for years and her brother Oliver did the same except he sold a variety of club drugs like acid and ecstasy since they were easy to sell at the clubs where he was a DJ. He kept his distance from anything meth related. 

Cole was simply a runner that she didn’t have to pay very much. Sara said that she had been feeling sick with guilt ever since his arrest. She cried as she told Ella everything. She had wanted to tell the police that it was all her fault but Oliver convinced her not to tell. He said there was no sense in two people going to jail and that Cole would never do any serious jail time since he was “mentally challenged” as he called it. Sara kept her mouth shut the whole time he was in jail and on trial but she felt she was to blame and it was killing her inside. She felt horrible about everything.

As they were talking, Ella got the call from the nurse that Cole was awake. She told Sara to stay put and she ran down the hall to exam him. His eyes were open just as slits but he was blinking and squinting trying to see. Ella told him to stay quiet and not to speak. She was now scared about what might happen and just how those men who kidnapped her planned to contact him. He was under heavy security and there were cameras throughout the hospital but she knew they would try to get to him.

She explained to him where he was and what had happened. She asked him to blink twice if he understood what she was saying. He did. While there was no one in the room she asked him if he knew that there were people after him. He blinked twice. She asked if there was a baby somewhere that was his. He blinked twice. She asked him if he knew where the baby was. He blinked twice. Then the nurses came in and she quickly went back to her exam.

Little did she know, the men who had kidnapped her had placed a bug that was highly sensitive to any sound in a “Get Well” planter that had a card attached which said it was from the Special Olympics Headquarters. The kidnappers knew it was just a matter of time before Ella got the information they needed on the location of the baby. They knew she would ask him about it. All they had to do was wait and listen. Ella would do their work for them and lead them right to the baby they needed to bring back to their boss.


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