Paradise High

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Paradise75x99In episode 5, readers voted for Michael to enroll in Paradise High.

Episode 6

Paradise High is like most high schools in the U.S. Kids wear bathing suits to class, the teachers are usually stoned, the surf team is radical, and the cafeteria is 100% vegan. Actually, it’s not like ANY school anywhere — except for here in Malibu.

Paradise High is a public school, so it doesn’t cater to the uber-rich. The kids here are cool, and the over-all vibe is chill, including school security. This is why it was so easy for Mike to just walk onto campus and blend in.

A week has passed since Michael first met Shelly. He’s been camping out at Gabe and B.L.Z.’s place. He attends P.H. everyday, hoping for a second chance with Shelly.

He hasn’t approached her since she dropped the “F” bomb on him… said she wanted to be “FRIENDS.”

One thing Michael remembered in his studies of the humans was; when the female of the species relegates a male to the ‘friend zone,’ said male is doomed to remain there for all eternity. 

But, just because Shelly said the words; “Maybe we could just be friends,” doesn’t mean they actually WERE friends. So, as long as Michael avoided the friend zone of her mind, there was hope. Since Shelly’s recently out of a relationship, she is in “healing” mode, which leads to “rebound” mode.

How long will it take her to get back to “dating” mode? Michael wondered. But whenever she is ready, he’ll be there. Ready to pounce, metaphorically of course. He’s not going to literally jump her! He’s an angel for pity’s sake.

So, instead of killing every living thing on Earth like he’s SUPPOSED to, Michael found himself killing time.

However, his time at school wasn’t wasted. He did see Shelly in the distance from time to time. They’d nod and smile, then Michael would high-tail it out of there so she wouldn’t have the chance to ‘friend’ him.

He felt this made him appear more mysterious which would peak her curiosity. In fact, Shelly thought all the nodding and running was kind of weird, and she found herself giggling AT him, not WITH him, if you know what I mean.

But, Shelly’s mom’s rule of only allowing her to date boys from school would now work in his favor since, as far as anyone knew, Michael was now officially a “Dude”! That’s the Paradise High mascot… a Dude. Of course it is.

Another interesting thing was happening to Michael as he loitered around the P.H. campus. He was starting to see little flickers of light coming from other students. Initially, he only saw this radiance come from Shelly. But now he saw it in others… even the boys which made Michael feel kind of weird. What did it mean?


Uh-oh. Michael was in trouble. He knows that if he blows this gig he’ll be the laughing stock of upper Heaven… assuming they even let him back in.

“What’s happening to me?” Michael wondered. He was having feelings, weird, uncomfortable feelings that he needed time to reconcile. He knew that, whatever he did from this point forward could dramatically alter his future… not to mention the lives of seven billion people.

“God? I have an idea.” Michael said, “Just… hear me out.”

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