Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 5, readers voted for Raymond to help Alexa.

Episode 6

Alexa’s frustration had now grown.  Pinned down by drones,  most likely dead if she moved, most likely dead if she didn’t move.  Yet that wasn’t the most aggravating part of this situation.  That award went to the fact that she wasn’t sure she could trust Raymond.  To top this debacle off, the only way out of this situation was if Raymond could somehow help. Even then the question was what could one human looking android do against three deadly drones that had laser sights locked on Alexa’s chest?

Raymond lifted his hands over his head in the universal surrender position.  Well, that answered that question.  

“Okay,  I surrender,” Raymond told the drones.

“My hero,” Alexa muttered as she glared at Raymond.

Raymond returned her glare with a wry smile.  That irritated Alexa even more.  This was not the time to smile.   Raymond had to see the look of pure anger on Alexa’s face.  He answered that look with a flirty wink.  If she somehow survived this Alexa was going to kill him, well it.

Alexa switched her gaze to the three hovering drones.  She knew she had some ability to use telekinesis.   With nothing to lose she tried using her mind to grab on to the three drones and  smash them into each other.   Nothing happened. 

The three drones dropped lifeless to the ground.  The unexpected move startled Alexa. 

“What the….” She said.

The next thing Alexa knew Raymond was beside her taking her hand.  “Come on we’ve got to get out of here before their human counter parts come.”

“I can handle the humans,” Alexa insisted.

Raymond gave her a little tug.  “I’m sure you can.   But why take a chance fighting if you don’t have to?”

Alexa had to admit he had a point.

“What did you do to the drones?” Alexa asked as she let Raymond pull her forward.

“Local EMP pulse, I’m not only good at talking to machines I can knock them out too.”

Raymond quickly hurried Alexa through a couple hundred meters of grey lifeless sewer.  They reached a metal ladder.  Raymond grabbed the ladder. 

“This is our ticket out of this place,” he said with a smile.  “So you know it’s not a trap I’ll lead.”

Raymond headed up the ladder.  Alexa had very little choice but to follow.  Raymond reached the top of the ladder and pushed open the manhole cover.  He climbed out of the sewer.  He reached down and smiled and offered Alexa his hand. 

“Here let me help you up,” Raymond said.

Alexa took Raymond’s hand.   Her hand tingled as Raymond pulled her up to the surface.  They were above ground on one of the back streets of Paris. 

“What did you do to my hand?” Alexa asked.

“Ah, just injected you with a couple million nano bots,” Raymond said. 

“Why did you do that?” Alexa said pushing Raymond.

Raymond pointed behind her.  “Because we got company?”

Alexa turned to see a dozen men and women, all dressed in black body armor, all with weapons pointed at them.  Raymond leaned into her.  “Do your thing, honey.” He said with out moving his mouth.  “Generate that death aura.” 

I can’t kill people from this distance,” Alexa thought. 

Sure you can, the bots I injected you with not only allow me to communicate with you but they boost your power.  A lotIf my calculations are correct, which I know they are.  You are now the most deadly weapon on the planet.”

“Don’t move!” one the armed men shouted.  “Our orders are to take you alive, but we won’t hesitate to kill you.”

Alexa raised her arms over her head slowly.  She had no idea how to project her power. 

Just let your power go,” Raymond coaxed.  “You’re always holding it backI’ve freed you.”

Alexa didn’t know how Raymond knew this about her but he was right.  She always felt like she had to control her power, use it sparingly or else it get out of control.   If she really let her power go she feared what could happen.  For all she knew, if she was in a bad mood she could cause the people around her to drop dead.  She always thought nothing could be worse than a power she couldn’t control….

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  1. She shouldn’t use it yet; for one thing, there might be innocent people within range.

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