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Kiss75x99In episode 4, readers voted for Raymond to reveal to Alexa that he is an android.

Episode 5

Alexa was frustrated.  On the run, in the sewers, being hunted by drones.   She wasn’t used to being on the defensive.  What was even more nerve racking was Raymond, the man she was sent to kill but ending up escaping through the sewers with.  Her powers didn’t work on him which was all the more vexing.  Of course his cryptic nature made the situation infuriating.

Alexa stopped moving forward.  She pointed her weapon at Raymond.  “Just because I can’t kill you with only a touch doesn’t mean I can’t kill you.”

Raymond put his hands up slowly.  “Remember, Alexa, I’m your best chance for getting out of here alive.”

Alexa held the gun steady.  “I’m thinking about taking my chances without you.”

Raymond shrugged.  “In strange sewers, with no navigation or support.  Chased by killer drones. Sorry, Alexa. You’re good, but you’re better with me.”

Alexa shook the gun at Raymond.  “So what’s this surprise you have for me?”

Raymond smiled.  “Alexa,” he said in a very deep voice.  “I am your father.”

Alexa looked at him with a tilted head.  Her finger inched closer to the trigger.

Raymond threw up his arms quickly.  “No, no. Wait.  Wait.”  He said, “That was just a bad joke based on an old classic movie.”  He shook his head.  “These days nobody appreciates the classics…”

Alexa glared at him.  “Talk fast!” she ordered.

Raymond smiled.  He slowly moved his right hand to his midsection.  He peeled his shirt upwards, revealing a much more solid set of abs than Alexa was expecting.

Alexa straighten her gun arm.  “I don’t need a show,” she said.

Raymond raised his left hand slowly.  “Don’t worry there’s a method to my madness.”  He rolled his shirt up to his chest.   Using his right hand he tapped himself on his stomach three times.  The front of his midsection popped open like a little door, revealing a beating heart.   Alexa had seen a fair amount of hearts and body parts in her days.  Actually far more than a person her age should have.   Point is, she knows what human organs look like.  The beating heart inside of Raymond looked similar to what she would’ve expected, but this one is more rigid, more plastic than a normal human heart.

“You’re an android,” Alexa said.

“I prefer to think of myself as a man-made man,” Raymond said with a grin.  “I was built as a tool for efficiently processing information. But, I’ve become so much more.”

Alexa heard a familiar whirling sound behind her.  Three shining silver saucer drones had closed in on them.  They were hovering steadily in the air, just meters away.   Three tracking lasers dotted Alexa’s chest.   Alexa froze.  She was fast, faster than any normal human, but not faster than a laser.  If the drones activated she was dead.  She could only hope they really did want her alive.

Alexa slowly raised her arms.  “You win,” she said to the drones.  Alexa called back to Raymond.  “Okay, Raymond, now I get to see whose side you are really on.”

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  1. I voted yes, because if Raymond had wanted her captured, I don’t think he/it would have bothered to help her get this far. Although I still don’t trust him/it.

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