Heart of Palms

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Palms75x99In Episode 19, readers voted that Dr. Michaels cleans Ella up then takes her to the hospital.

Episode 20

Ella finished the final sign-off with Dr. Michaels’ help so that the medications could be withdrawn. Now Cole could slowly come out of the coma. It would still take time. Probably a day or maybe even two before he would wake and then they would be able to evaluate. Ella didn’t know what would happen then. He would have a strict limitation on visitors so there was no way anyone except family would be allowed to speak to him. She didn’t know how those thugs thought they would be able to question him. She also didn’t know how Jack could be found or how to communicate to him what had happened. All she could do was wait. Wait for Cole, wait for Jack’s next call, and wait to see what would happen from the kidnappers.

She was still shaken from what had occurred. She thought about her family and how everyone suddenly seemed so vulnerable. She needed to be sure her father, Jack, was well protected and then to tell her mother about what all had happened. First, she decided her father should leave for a while. The easiest thing to do was to have him admitted into a high-security rehab clinic in Colorado. He was going through the same type of treatments as that of an addict in order to rid his body of toxins. This would keep him safe and his body could still continue to heal. She made the arrangements for his immediate transfer and Dr. Michaels agreed to fly there with him to get him settled and check out the security.

After that was done, she called her mother to tell her about the kidnapping and why she was moving her dad. Her mother then proceeded to fill her in on Bella’s moving in with Denny, the ongoing investigation at the estate, and how Ivy had told her bout Bella’s belief that Veronica was the one who caused their father harm. However, she neglected to tell Ella about the scandalous photos that Bella discovered which led her to that belief. Veronica did admit that she needed to work on her relationship with Bella and that Ivy would be counseling them. She convinced her to come back and stay at the estate for a while. Ella had planned on doing this anyway since she didn’t want to be alone right now. They agreed to meet for dinner and Ella went back to finishing her paperwork in the office.

Shortly after that, she received a call that was identified as incoming from Bella. As she answered the phone the voice on the other end wasn’t Ella. “Hi Ella, this is Sara Wagner…. ummm, your cousin. It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t seen you for at least five years or so. But anyway, I found your sister’s purse in the trash dumpster behind my work. I saw her wallet, recognized the ID and then her phone was inside. I saw you in the contacts and thought I should call you about it.”

Ella was confused as to why Bella’s purse and phone were missing but thankful it was found. “Well, thank you. I didn’t know she was missing it but I’m sure she will be happy to know it’s been found. I remember you. How are you? How’s the rest of your family?” They hadn’t seen each other since high school. They’re mothers were sisters and hated each other so the families weren’t close.

“Yeah, they’re good and I’m good, just working at the brewery on the east side and recognized her name. Small world I guess. I can drop it off if you want to meet me or whatever,” she asked. “And then I was just wondering about something else. I saw you on the news. You’re treating Cole and he’s a really good friend of mine. I’ve been really worried, can you tell me any more about how he’s really doing? His recovery? Maybe you could let me come see him?”

Small world was an understatement, Ella thought. She wondered how they were friends. Old friends or new friends…did she know about his drug dealing? Was she part of it? Ella had no idea what kind of person Sara was now but she was curious to see her and even more curious about her relationship with Cole.

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