Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 3, readers voted that Alexa should not trust Raymond.

Episode 4

Alexa stood there arms crossed just looking at Raymond, trying to size him up.  This was a different experience for Alexa; usually she could just read a person’s mind to see what they were thinking.  Even with people trained to protect their thoughts she’d still pick up traces of emotions, feelings.  But with Raymond she got nothing, he was a cold blank mental slate.  Alexa needed to use her observational skills to try to detect what was going on.

Raymond moved forward his feet splashing in the water beneath him.  He motioned to Alexa.  “Come this way, we don’t have a lot of time.”

Alexa heard the rumbling from the floor above them.  Whatever was coming after them was big.  The good thing was it wouldn’t be able to follow them down into the sewers they were escaping in.

“Those capture bots they sent after you come with smaller seek and stun drones,” Raymond said.  “They are tiny floating globes that can cause a lot of pain.  It won’t be long now until they figure out what we have done.”

Alexa didn’t trust Raymond.  She knew, he wasn’t telling her the whole story.  Still she understood for now he was her best option to get out of this alive.  She didn’t like that one bit.

“Let’s go,” Alexa said.

Raymond gave her a smile.  “Smart girl,” he said.

Raymond led Alexa through the long dark damp sewer.  Alexa followed but at a slight distance.  Raymond turned over his shoulder and looked at her.  “You don’t trust me.  Do you Alexa?”

“I do,” Alexa said slowly.

They came to an intersection in the sewer.  The tunnel they were in turned to either the left or the right. 

“No you don’t,” Raymond said with a slight smile.  “Right now I’m your only way out of a bad situation.  I’m the lesser of two evils.”  He pushed a button on his belt.  A glowing green, 3D holographic map of the sewer appeared.  Raymond studied the map spinning and scrolling it with motions of his hands.  “The closest exit to the outside world is right.”  Raymond headed to the left.

“I thought you said the closest exit was to the right,” Alexa said. 

Raymond nodded.  “I did, but they’ll be expecting us to take that one.”

Alexa thought about what he said.  It did make sense, at least as much sense as anything made right now.  Alexa followed. 

“You know what would help me trust you?” Alexa said.

“If you could read my mind,” Raymond said bluntly.

Raymond had hit the nail square on the head.  Yet she couldn’t let him know that.  “No, no that’s not it,” Alexa said.  “It would help me trust you a lot if you would activate S.I.D.  I know he’s been built by people you claim are trying to use me, but I still trust him.”

“Him?”  Raymond questioned.  “SID is a machine.  A computer generated personality.  There is no him.”

“That’s were you are wrong,” Alexa said.  “SID may have started as a collection of algorithms and electrons, but we’ve been together for years.  He’s grown.  He’s become my friend … I trust him.”

Raymond stopped and turned to Alexa.  “The drones are in the sewers now, we don’t have much time,” he said coolly.

“Then activate SID so I can trust you,” Alexa insisted.  She drew her weapon, both as a threat to Raymond and as a way to deal with the drones if needed.

“I could,” Raymond said.  “But then my surprise for you will be blown…”

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  1. WOW !!! Great story John. I am glad you made mention of it on “Working Daze”.

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