Heart of Palms

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Palms75x99In Episode 17, readers voted that to protect Veronica, Ivy will plant evidence and call the police with Denny, Bella’s fiancé, as Ivy thinks he’s getting in the way of Bella’s success and a total distraction.

Episode 18

Following her meeting with Veronica, Ivy immediately went to Denny’s apartment while he was sleeping and planted a gallon of antifreeze in his kitchen, along with several cases of green Gatorade hidden in the kitchen pantry. She phoned the police anonymously with a tip telling them that she’d heard Denny threaten Bella’s father a few months ago because he wouldn’t find a job for him at the family biotech company.

Ivy decided she would let the chips fall where they may. The focus of the investigation needed to turn away from Veronica. Denny was becoming a distraction anyway. Bella had the most important opportunity of her life coming soon. Her chances for winning the talent show were at stake. Ivy couldn’t allow him to get in the way of her fame. Bella must become famous for Ivy to succeed. Otherwise Bella would become dispensable and as much as Ivy’s loved her, she may not be able to save her from the others. Some things were simply out of her control.

Meanwhile, early that morning, Ella started her day at the hospital. She walked into her office to find a gentleman in a ball cap, sunglasses and casual jeans sitting in her office. “You’re late,” he said as she entered slowly. “I’m sorry, did I have an appointment that I missed on my calendar?” she asked.

“No, just shut the door behind you. We need to talk about Cole.”

Ella closed the door promptly as the man removed his sunglasses so she could see his eyes. “I’m Jack, Cole’s dad and we need to talk. Did you find anything at his house? You and Dr. Michael’s were able to look around some?” he asked very seriously.

Ella was shocked that he was in her office. She thought he would be in California for a while. “Yes, but I’m afraid there wasn’t much there. We didn’t find anything helpful. The only odd thing I found was this baby sock that was in his dresser,” she said as she pulled the sock from her purse.”

“Actually, that’s more important than you know.” He hesitated a moment and as she took the sock and he stared at it he told her about his discovery in California. “It turns out that the people who want Cole dead, aren’t after him because of his drug dealing. Yes, they are heavily involved in the drug business but what he did was far more dangerous than just dealing.”

“More dangerous than selling drugs? What could he have possibly done to be wanted dead by these people?” she asked curiously.

“Well, it seems he got the boss’ daughter pregnant. One of the big drug lords from Mexico. It turns out that she had the baby a couple months ago and Cole is the father. I wasn’t sure if he even knew about the baby but since he had this sock, then he must have known. He must have seen the baby boy and now they want him dead. She is the boss’ only daughter and he’s livid that she’s disgraced the family and thinks Cole must have taken advantage of her or forced himself on her. “ Jack spoke sadly as he recounted what he knew.

“So where’s the baby now? And where is the daughter? Does she know that Cole is in the hospital? Do the dealers know?” Questions were spinning through her mind and spewing out of her mouth at a rapid speed.

“That’s the biggest problem. No one seems to know where the baby is. The boss knows Cole is in the hospital so he won’t have him killed if he’s in a coma and he can’t find his grandson. If there’s a chance that Cole knows something or has the baby in hiding, then he is protected until they get to talk to him and get the baby boy back. That’s why he can’t come out of the coma. You have to protect him until I find that baby,” he explained with fear in his eyes.

“Well I only have a few more days left before the week is over. I don’t know what else to do after that.”

“You and Dr. Michaels will find a way. He will help you. You must wait until I have that baby or Cole will surely be killed. I promise, I’m a good detective and I will find the boy” Jack assured her.

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