Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 2, readers voted for Alexa to run with Raymond.

Episode 3

Alexa looked at Raymond.  He was fidgeting.  His eyes were open wide and darting all over the room.  His face was turning red and his respiration rate was rapid.  You didn’t have to be a trained operative to tell he was scared of whatever was coming. 

The thing was, running away from an attacker wasn’t in Alexa’s nature.  It went against her very DNA.  She was the one to be feared. 

“Alexa please,” Raymond said, pleading with his eyes as much as his words.  “These people are prepared for you.  They’ve been training for this for years.”  Raymond made a fast gesture with his hand.  The holographic image of something that could only be described as a tank with tentacle claw like arms appeared.  It was rolling down one of the hallways near where they were.  “This is what they are sending after you.”

Alexa took a deep breath.  She could feel the room vibrating.  She could hear the mechanical grinding sound growing ever so louder.

“How do we get out of here?” she asked Raymond.

Raymond smiled.  He reached out to take her hand.  Alexa pulled away. 

“Don’t touch me without warning.  I’ll drain your life energy.”

Raymond’s hand continued forward.  He gently wrapped his fingers around hers.  “Come this way,” he said with a nod of his hand.

Alexa let Raymond lead her towards the far end of the room.

“How are you touching me?” Alexa asked.

Raymond turned and looked at her over his shoulder.  “I’m using the computers in the room to generate a protective field over my body.”

Paying a bit more attention now, Alexa did notice that there was a faint glow around Raymond. 

“Like I said, they have been preparing for you,” Raymond told her.

They reached the wall.  It was a cold rusty metallic grey dead end.

“Why have we backed ourselves into a corner?” Alexa asked.

Raymond gave her a wink.  “Trust me.”

Raymond stomped his foot on the ground.  The floor beneath them began to shimmer…  It reminded Alexa of a video recording rewinding.  The floor disappeared to reveal a manhole cover.

“Holographic floor,” Raymond said.  He bent down and pushed the covered away revealing a ladder.  Pointing downward he said, “ladies first…”

Alexa hesitated. 

“I’m the only one who can cover us back up with the holographic floor,” Raymond said.

Alexa took a deep a breath then headed down the ladder.  Once Alexa was a few meters down Raymond followed.   Reaching the bottom Alexa hopped off the ladder.  They were in a long cold grey tunnel that had tubes running along side of it.  Her feet were in water.    

“We’re in the sewers?” Alexa said to Raymond as he finished his way down the ladder.

“Yep,” Raymond said.  “No cameras and thick walls.  It will be hard for them to track us.”

Alexa touched her ear.  “S.I.D. inform Cover Co that we will need an extraction team.  I will have Raymond give you the location.”

Raymond shook his head.  “No you won’t.  I turned your computer assistant off.”  Raymond motioned forward.  “Now let’s move.”

Alexa stood her ground.  In fact her hand moved to her weapon.  “Why did you turn off S.I.D.?  He’s my connection to the outside world.  My people.”

Raymond shook his head again.  “You can’t trust Cover Co any more than you can the people who kidnapped me.  For all we know they are both working together.  Hell, they may even be working under the same umbrella company.”

“No,” Alexa said.  “Dr. Foormer has been good to me. He gave me a home. He gave me training. A shoulder to cry on.”

Raymond motioned forward with his hand.  “Trust me, Alexa, you’re better off without them.”

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