Abandon Ship

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In episode 2, readers voted for Captain Arnold to take Joseph, head towards the launch bay and try to vent oxygen from the ship to kill the infected.

Episode 3

Captain Arnold could hear the clamor of more infected approaching. They were within ear shot now but were still hidden around the corner of the hallway.

“Shhh … Don’t make any more noise. Keep quiet and follow me. Doc and Jackson, I need you to pick up Joseph—we’re taking him with us to the launch bay.”

The two crewmen came in line with the captain’s order. They propped up Joseph and started leading him down the hallway.

The captain picked up the pistol Joseph had dropped, then the captain passed over the corporal and instead handed the pistol to the ship’s Doctor. The captain kept his own flame thrower at the ready as they quickly made their way down the hallway.

When they reached the end of the hallway, the captain said in a hushed tone, “All right men, we have to go double time and cut through the heart of the ship to get to the launch bay.”

The corporal interjected, “We can’t go fast, Captain, not with this dead weight.” The corporal glanced at Joseph who was now fading in and out of consciousness.

The captain sternly replied, “Every single one of us who’s still breathing and isn’t infected is getting on that escape pod. Is that understood, Corporal?”

The corporal nodded dejectedly.

The captain then informed them of his plan. “I’m going to turn off all the ship’s lights before we enter the central atrium. Once we go dark, nobody—the infected nor you—will be able to see. But I will.” The captain pointed to the goggles Joseph had given him. “These show me every heat signature in the room.”

“But how will we see you, Captain?” The doctor asked.

“Focus on the tiny flame at the tip of the flame thrower. Wherever it goes, follow.”

The crewmen nodded, and they all headed toward the central atrium door. At the door, the captain typed in codes on the computer panel until a computer voiced loudly directed, “Please enter voice confirmation.”

“Captain Arnold, code 45256.”

“Request approved. Lights deactivated.” The ship’s lights blinked off, and the four men found themselves in complete darkness.

The captain waited while their eyes adjusted to the darkness, then he opened the door to the atrium and lead his men into it. It was as the captain feared. The atrium was crawling with infected. All the ship’s hallways converged into the wide open central room. To get to the launch bay the captain had to make it to the other side of the room.

Seeing an opening, the captain moved the group forward. They made it all the way to the middle until the captain abruptly stopped as a crazed infected ran across his path, narrowly missing them. The infected initially seemed confused when the captain turned off the lights, but they were running around now, wildly bumping into each other.

The captain had to hurry. Seeing the door to the launch bay hallway, he ran ahead. The captain got to the door, punched in the codes to open it, then turned around to cover his panting crewmen who were trailing him. The corporal and doctor hauled Joseph almost to the door when they were blindsided by an infected. The corporal let out a loud shriek as the infected toppled on top of him.

Through his goggles the captain saw the whole event play out. But the others didn’t know what was going on, sightless in the complete darkness. The captain reached out and grabbed the doctor, who still had a hold of Joseph and yanked them both through the door. Then he turned his attention to the corporal who was trapped underneath the infected. But now a whole group of infected were running toward them, drawn by the noise.

The captain couldn’t tell if the corporal was already infected or not; if the captain didn’t act he would be. But, if the captain gave away their position he would be swarmed by the infected.

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