The Ringer

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ringer75x99Episode 2

There he was. Standing in the driveway of our home like he belonged there and yelling something about seeing the “so-called happy couple”. Will Beyet, a small man and a waste of life. She’d barely heard his voice before all the memories of what he did to her came flooding back. The hospitals, the crying, the questions, the blood… so much blood. She barely survived him and somehow he’s managed not only to get out of jail, but to find her and dare walk up that drive. She felt sick to her stomach as she came around the corner and realized quickly he was drunk.

‘”Ah-ha! There—theyyy arrreee!” Will announced.

Clay walked out in front of her, starting to say “Hey, who the hell are –“ before she moved by his side and cut him off.

“Will, what do you think you’re doing here?” she said, looking warily over at Clay, seeing his awe-struck and angered reaction as he realized who the man was and what he was responsible for. Will started to stumble his way towards her when Clark, a co-worker of Clay’s, stepped up to his left to grab Will’s arm, telling him to stay away from her. Will immediately flipped Clark’s hand off his arm then used his right hand to clumsily pull a gun from behind him, pointing it at him. Clark put his hands up and backed away.

“Now, I – I want all’s ya to sit your asses on the ground! I juss came to get my lady back.” He slurred. “I got outta jail thinkin’ you’d be there for me. Turnt out it’s your lyin’ ass turned me in! Don’t worry girl, I’m gonna forgive ya. Now get on over here.” He beckoned her with his free hand.

“Will…” she started.

“Hey! Nah I don’t remember tellin’ you to talk! Juss get over here!” Noticing her staring over at Clay, he continued, “Ahhhh, I see you lookin’ at him, don’t you even worry. I’ll take care o’ him real quick soon as you join me.” He said, moving his aim away from Clark, now sitting with the others, to Clay.

She stared intensely at Will for a second then saw Clark split from the group sitting on the driveway, taking advantage of Will’s attention being focused on her. Buying time for him, Scarlett began to move slowly towards Will, hesitating often and listening to him yell for her to “hurry her cheatin’ ass up”. She briefly wondered if he even knew how much he put her through but she shook the thought, remembering that this man has a gun pointed at her husband.

She got about 2 feet from Will’s outstretched arm when Clark wrapped himself around Will’s body at his elbows, causing him to drop the gun as Clark threw him to the ground. Next thing she knew, Clark was on top of Will who lay face down on the cement. He was useless without his and, to their relief, the police arrived moments later. Scarlett realized in his intense stupor that Will never did ask people to get rid of their phones.

Scarlett approached Clark, hugging him and thanking him for his bravery, stating profusely that if there was any way they could make it up to him to please let them know.

After the police cleared, statements were taken, parties started dispersing, Scarlett, Evie by her side, sat on the porch with her head in her hands.

“How are you doing with all this?” Evie asked.

Scarlett snorted before saying, “Ya know, I’ve had nightmares about this day. Well… days like this, him showing up again. But I’m not as scared as I ever was in those nightmares. It’s like, now that it’s over with and he’s going back to jail for his hostage-esque stunt today, I can finally stop looking over my shoulder or wondering when he’s gonna be there the next corner I turn.”

“Well, you’re stronger than I am. I would’ve broken down as soon as I saw his ugly face staring me in the eye.”

“I’m glad you’re here. With you and Clay here it wasn’t as terrifying as it could’ve been.” Scarlett responded.

“Uhh.. hey… that guy looks really familiar. Do you know him? I didn’t see him around earlier.” Evie said, pointing to a tall, graying man walking towards them.

Scarlett stood up slowly, somehow more in shock now than when Will showed up, stared at the man, practically a stranger, who she hasn’t spoken to in years because of what he did to her mother, their family, with his lies and indiscretions, looked at him, and said,

“What are you doing here… Dad?”

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