Such Things as Dreams are Made On

Dreams75x99In Episode 9, readers voted that April does not die.

Episode 10 – The Honeymoon – Final Episode!

Just as the thunder at the April’s stern grumbled into ominous silence,  color blazoned high in the horizon at its bow. Indigo whispered in April’s ear, “The rainbow is the celestial twin of your bridal wreath.”  April placed the wreath in her lap and compared the two. “They are even in the same order.”

April’s brow wrinkled, “There is a seventh color.”

“Violet. The color behind all.  The color before red. The color behind night.”
 The rainbow disappeared. Light disappeared. “Night?”

“This.  The end of color.”

Lightning circled the April, illuminating the crew.  Winds increased intensity. The boat tipped and bucked. While they struggled to maintain their stations,The shadows of strange creatures began to pass around and under.

Abby pulled even more energetically at her oar until it suddenly snapped. Stuck in the oarlock, the jagged stump spun to impale her stomach.  When Emmy rose to help her, a sudden heave of the boat pitched them both into the mass of shadows beneath it.  There was a frenzied frothing and then stillnesss.

Immediately, April felt herself fall into inaction and weakness. As in a dream, she watched the sail fill and billow, lifting Ram into the air, where he dangled and bounced for a few moments like an ornament before he soared off into the night, taking with him all possibility of possibility.

As The Green Man rose to take Emmy’s oar, a wild swing of the unmanned mast’s boom swept him backwards into the water, taking with him the tiny Crone.

Indigo smiled. “One of those moments….  Go with the flow and wait for me.”  He staggered to the stern and dove cleanly to where they sank.

Stunned, stripped of all resources, April sat in the bow, riding the boat’s pitch, which gradually lessened as did the lightning.  In the last flashes of light during the calming of the water, she lifted the wreath off her lap and gently laid it in the water, a memorial.  She watched with dull surprise as it drifted out a short distance and began to slowly circle the boat, like the last planet its dimming sun.  The circle grew smaller and faster, twisting the ocean with greater and greater power until it sucked April down into the darkest and deepest depths.

Suddenly, her skull was seized and agonizingly pierced.  She opened her mouth to scream but salt water filled it and she began to choke.  Yanked from the boat into somewhere, she felt a sharp blow and coughed out fluid, inhaled deeply and on her exhaling began to scream with all her strength.  Bright light stunned her. Blood blinded her. She wept and wept.

“Congratulations, mother!  It’s a baby girl!”


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