Kiss Them Deadly

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Kiss75x99In episode 1, readers voted that Alexa does not kill Raymond.

Episode 2

Alexa walked up to Raymond slowly, trying to gauge his actions.  “What do you mean you’re a prisoner?”

Raymond waved his hands moving holographic information screens to the sides.  “I would never work for these people.  They want to sell information.  I believe all information should be free.”  He paused for a second.  “They kidnapped me and told me if I didn’t get them the info they needed they would kill my parents.”

Alexa concentrated on Raymond and what he was saying.  Normally she could read people’s thoughts.  With Raymond she was getting nothing. 

A message from SID scrolled across Alexa’s eyes.  “Doing a voice scan he appears to be telling the truth,” SID’s message read.  “Of course he could just be an expert liar…”  SID added.

Alexa was now within easy striking distance to Raymond.  If she wanted him dead he would be dead.

“Why can’t I read you?” Alexa asked.

Raymond smiled.  “I’m not an old fashion book or a web page…”

“Why can’t I pick up your thoughts?” Alexa clarified. 

Raymond shrugged.   “Probably cause my mind is wired different than most.”  He pointed to his head with a spinning index finger. “Makes it easy for me to communicate with computers and electronics.”

“You said you had information about me,” Alexa told Raymond.

He nodded.  “Yes, my captors wanted me to learn all I could about you.  Then they used me to lure you here.”  Raymond’s eyes popped open.  He leaned forward, listening intently.

“What is it?” Alexa asked.

“They are coming….”

Raymond looked around nervously. He pointed behind Alexa.

Alexa turned to see three disk like aerial drones hovering behind them.  Each drone had a little dome on top with a pulsating red light making them look like mini flying saucers.  The three red lights started pulsating faster.

The drones opened up fire.    Diving forward Raymond pulled Alexa to the ground, causing the drones energy blasts to pass harmlessly over them.  Alexa spun over on top of Raymond.  She popped her weapon into her hand.   Alexa aimed and pulled the trigger.  Nothing happened.

“The drones emit an EMP wave,” Raymond shouted.  “They deactivate other  electronics – like my computers and your weapon.”

The three drone bots started to buzz.   

Reacting quickly Alexa pointed at the drones with her left hand.   She waved her outstretched hand to the right.  The leftmost drone collided into the middle drone sending it careening into the third drone.  The three drones crashed to the floor shattering into pieces.

“Luckily, I am a weapon,” Alexa said her chest puffed out.  Alexa turned back to Raymond.  “What’s this all about?”

“They want you,” he said, coldly. 

“What does that mean?” Alexa asked.

Raymond touched Alexa on the shoulder.  “We have to get out of here,” he said quickly. 

“We, there is no we,” Alexa stiffened her body.  “If this was a trap for me why didn’t they just kill me on the way in?”

“They wanted to see you in action, record it,” Raymond said.  He waved his hand.  The holographic image of Alexa killing her first two attackers appeared.  “They want to show their buyers what you can do.”

Alexa clenched her fists.  “Let them come.   I’ll show them what I can do.”

Raymond looked her directly in the eyes.  “Listen, Alexa, I know you’re good.  But these people have been preparing for you.  Your best chance is to run and with me. I know this subway system and it’s defenses backwards and forewords, inside and out.”

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