Heart of Palms

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Palms75x99In Episode 16, readers voted… Have Bella stay at her house for safety while she recalculates her plans and talks to Veronica about what the police have discovered

Episode 17

Ivy convinced Bella that she should stay at her house for the time being and that it would be safer for now. She slipped a sedative into her hot cocoa and Bella was fast asleep shortly before sundown. Ivy had to go visit Veronica to clear up this confusion. Since Veronica wasn’t poisoning Josh, nor was Bella, Ivy had to find out why she had scared Bella with threats of police questioning. Perhaps she was just angry over the photos but surely she couldn’t blame Bella for that.

Ivy had to keep Veronica and Bella from destroying each other. A little chaos goes a long way sometimes. Ivy had dedicated her life to building Veronica success and now Bella’s. They were two of the five individuals in her thesis that she titled, “Five Cases of Victorious Chaos for Eris”. This was her lifelong research which she had spent over 20 years developing and she believed would guarantee her appointment to the highest position in her religious group. Ivy was certain that her research would provide the highest level of support to date demonstrating chaos was superior to those who lived a life of order. It was chaos that could lead average people to higher status and success rather than order and routine. Bella was to be the final success story of her work. She had to keep her and her mother both on track.

As Ivy pulled into the estate, the last of the police cars were leaving. Ivy found Veronica cleaning up after they left with everything turned inside out. As they discussed what had happened with the police, Ivy explained how Bella was confused. She explained how Bella thought that her own mother had poisoned their father.

“Well of course she thinks I did it. Everyone is going to think that. The police, the news, the staff here…they are all looking at me like I tried to kill my own husband. Just because I’m not in love with him, doesn’t mean I want him dead. There’s a big difference! I don’t inherit everything anyway. Bella and Ella are the ones who get it all. I have nothing to gain.”

“Yes, I know dear,” Ivy sympathized, “but why the angry message to Bella about the police? You frightened her terribly.”

“Good, she should be scared. She drops off these explicit photos of me from two years ago with no explanation, moves in with that moron Denny, and then has the nerve to bring drugs into this house, my house! I found a bag of marijuana in her room. I wanted to give it to the police and let her suffer the consequences.”

Ivy was annoyed. “Veronica, you know better than that. You protect your own flesh and blood and you deal with your problems directly. That affair was your mistake and you can’t think she had anything to do with some photos that suddenly popped up. Think before you lose your head. Reacting through emotions is not acceptable. Bella wouldn’t do drugs and you would know that if you stopped and centered yourself as I have taught you over and over and over again. What is so difficult to understand about that?”

Veronica hung her head, “I know,” she said quietly. “I haven’t been myself. I just don’t want to deal with all of the problems. I only want some peace and quiet.”

“This is all temporary and will pass. You have not been keeping up with your astrological studies or you would know that the shift in planetary alignment with the Moon’s entry into Pisces can lead to miscommunications of catastrophic proportions. Silence your negativity and stay strong.” Ivy said while preparing to leave. Ivy then considers her plan to ensure that Veronica is not implicated in the poisoning of Josh.

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