Such Things as Dreams are Made On

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Dreams75x99In Episode 8, readers voted that no one would appear.

Episode 9

The Green Man’s voice boomed above the clamor of the others:  “Man and wife! I now pronounce you man and wife!”

 Indigo embraced and kissed April.  “I want to give you this. We made it together.”  He held out to her a wreath of six entwined colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo.  “We are about to go on a honeymoon.  Wear this as a bridal crown.“  He placed the wreath upon her head. They embraced and kissed again and then accepted the embraces of the other five.

Ram then beckoned all to follow him along the shore until they reached a shallow cove.  Buried partially in the sand was the hulk of a boat.  On its bow were faded letters spelling “Abraham”.

“Let’s get this up and running.”  Under his direction they had soon replaced deteriorated planking, set up a single mast and attached a single sail, and installed a tiller.

Finally, Ram printed on the bow: “April”.  He then designated the crew members.  He would man the sail while Abby and Emmy would row.  After he launched The April, The Green Man would handle the tiller, the Crone his navigator.

April and Indigo, passengers, sat forward, facing the morning sun, their shadows shading the crew. The day was a beautiful spring day with a light breeze from the west.  The blue sky and the blue ocean were a single color.  Only The Crone spoke, whispering an occasional suggestion in The Green Man’s ear.

Indigo spoke softly in April’s ear, “We will be this close all our lives.   I will never leave you.  But I will never intrude.  When you need me, I will be there instantly to guide you.  But otherwise, do as you will.”

April suddenly turned as she heard a rumbling sound behind her.  She saw a second lightning bolt zig-zag toward the island, which had become dimmer under the darkening sky.

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