Kiss Them Deadly

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Episode 1

It had been eight years since Alexa had been in France.   Eight years, since Dr. Foormer and Mr. King and their team took her out of that terrible orphanage.  Eight years, since Alexa learned who or what she really was.  She hadn’t meant to kill those boys.  Still they had intended to do her harm.  Two sixteen year old boys attacking a thirteen year old girl like that.   They got what they had coming.

A lot had changed over those years.  Dr. Foormer, Mr. King and the entire team at Cover Co had trained Alexa.  They taught her how to refine her powers.  They showed her that her abilities weren’t something to be scared of, they were something to be respected.   Alexa went from a girl who was afraid  to a woman who was confident.  If she was scared of anything now it was of what she could do to others.

Alexa crept down the long dark hallway, silently, confidently.  So far their security had been laughable. Hard for her to fathom that this was the hide out of one of the world’s most wanted hackers.  An old abandoned metro station?  How cliché.

“I am picking up electrical readings up ahead,” SID told Alexa.  SID was her computer assistant, her link to the world.  “I detect no cameras, scanners or other forms of security.”

Alexa saw a big metal door a hundred meters away.    That’s where the hacker had to be hiding.  If he thought that door was going to keep her out he was sadly mistaken. 

Reaching the door.  Alexa looked up and down, scanning for traps.  She didn’t find any.  She looked down at the door’s lock so SID could scan it.

The message: DOOR UNLOCKED, appeared in front of her eyes.

This hacker was dumb or over confident.   Alexa would use either to her advantage. 

Opening up the door she glided into the room.  It was a large open area.  There were two men and one woman sitting in the middle surrounded by holographic pictures and information.  One of the men, a younger man with a beard was typing away at a virtual keyboard.  This was her target Raymond Mann.

Raymond was so engrossed in the information he didn’t notice Alexa.  The other two did though.

“You made a big mistake coming here!” the girl screamed rushing at Alexa. 

As the girl drew closer she pulled a knife.   “This is going to be fun!’ she said.

Though Alexa had a firearm she didn’t even bother to draw it.  When the girl was within striking distance Alexa simply touched her on the forehead.  Alexa felt the surge of energy as the girl fell lifeless to the floor. 

The man behind Raymond reached for a weapon.  Alexa didn’t like guns, they were ugly and messy.  Still there were times they came in handy.  Alexa drew her gun and shot the man in one smooth motion.

“Thank the universe you are here!” Raymond said. 

Alexa walked towards Raymond her gun aimed at his head.  “Most of my victims don’t thank me….”

Raymond nodded.  “Because most of your victims aren’t prisoners, Alexa…”

“How do you know my name?”

Raymond shrugged.  “I knew they would send you for me.  You can kill me if you want, but then you won’t learn what I know about you and more importantly what they think about you….”

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