Episode 15

At this, Elizabeth stepped in front of BriarLeigh blocking her from Max’s view. She then told him that she was the only person qualified to take care of BriarLeigh and that she would not let him take her. Instead of letting them fight on and on about who was taking her and where BriarLeigh stepped forward and told Max that she would go with him but only if her mother could go to. Max though not really thinking it was safe agreed and led them back to the shackles.

He explained that on the night of the full moon, BriarLeigh would have to be chained to the wall to make sure that she couldn’t hurt anyone including herself. He then told them that after the first full moon if everything went the way it was suppose to. BriarLeigh should be okay to leave with her mom as long as she promises to come back to the cave every full moon and chain herself up so he didn’t have to worry about her accidentally killing someone.
At that, BriarLeigh could not help but to start asking questions. So Max began to tell her what would happen when she transformed.

First, he said you will get very hot and your head will feel like it is going to explode. Then it will hurt so bad you will fall to you knees. As your teeth change you will feel your mouth open on its own and you will drool a lot. That will be the first step of you transformation. I wish I could say it was the worst part but it’s not. Your whole face will change your bones breaking to form new and longer parts. Then once you have the face of a killer your arms, legs, and ribs will break too all the while growing longer and forming back together.

By the time most first time wolfs make it through the change, they’ve past out from the pain and don’t wake back up till its over. Most don’t remember a lot if anything at all and after the first few times it starts to hurt a little less as your bones start to get use to it. No matter how old you get you will change every full moon for the rest of your life.

After hearing all of this BriarLeigh could no longer hold back her tears. She then asked about her father and if he had gone through the change. Sadly, he had died right before his first full moon.

Then having a few hours before the full moon, Max asked BriarLeigh to go on a walk with him. He told her he wanted to show her one of the places her father liked to visit. Elizabeth watched as they left scared that she was on the brink of losing her little girl.

Max and Brairleigh walked for what seemed like forever before finally reaching the edge of a forest. They kept walking further and further until they reached a stream and you could see millions of little fish swimming just below the surface. Max explained that sometimes when they were little their fathers would meet at the cave to talk and let the boys go off and explore. They would always come here to this stream and have contest to see who could catch the most fish with their bare hands. As it turns out Jonathan would always win. Simply Because Max hated the way the fish felt on his skin.

They spent another hour just talking before they left the stream to return to the cave. When they made it there, Max chained BriarLeigh to the wall and then himself. He told her to relax and not to fight it that if she did it would only take longer for her to transform. Then as the moon showed itself high in the sky and Max began to change, BriarLeigh didn’t. Her vampire genes were dominant and completely blocked her werewolf genes. As Elizabeth came in to check on BriarLeigh, she was hoping to find her already passed out so she didn’t have to watch her in pain. She found her standing next to Max staring at him completely mortified as she watched him go from her friend to a giant wolf. Elizabeth did the only thing she could and went to untie BriarLeigh from the wall before Max decided to kill her.

They walked quickly outside as Max laid down to rest. Max had set up a tent outside the door for Elizabeth to sleep in and that’s where they went now. Both of them fell asleep, awoken the next morning by a scared Max, who didn’t know that BriarLeigh had not changed. After calming him down, Elizabeth explained that BriarLeigh had not changed and she never would. At that, Max and Elizabeth agreed to go their separate ways and each promised not to hunt the other.

Right before BriarLeigh left to get in her moms car she stopped long enough to say goodbye to Max and to thank him for helping her learn more about her father. She promised to visit him and then he stood and watched them both drive away far into the distance.

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