Love Spells

LoveSpells75x99In Episode 14, readers voted for Angelique to pack her bag and start walking. 

Episode 15

Months later, when Angelique was at the doctor’s office for the ultrasound that told her the baby would be a boy, she thought back about that hot and humid day in Orlando, and she remembered three things from that day that had changed her life forever: the morning sickness that she had hoped might be a feeling of missing Chuck, the slight nod of the woman at the desk to Boots who took her to Cape Coral, and begging Ashley to ask the Lovely Louise to cast a spell.

Now of course she knew now what Rickie had meant. Wanda and Boots had been looking for girls like her. And she still felt stupid about that. But it had been a place to stay for a while, even a place with a swimming pool. She had liked lying out in the sun. And Boots and his friends hadn’t seemed all that bad. They had taken her to nice places for dinner. Had liked her breasts that were getting bigger. They had been gentlemen. Wanted to look at her. Made her feel like one of those women Chuck had talked about who sat in the windows in Amsterdam.

Lovely Louise who had been known all over the state for casting the spell that brought the Hollywood actor back to his high school sweetheart had not been able to make Chuck reappear. But she had sent her cousin Cynthia to find Angelique after that first week with Boots.

Angelique was sure that this baby would have blue eyes. Chuck’s blue eyes and hers of course. Her mother’s blue eyes like blue-eyed grass. She was ninety-nine percent certain this baby would have blue eyes. But the condom had broken once with David when he was rough with her. And there had been that one night with Daniel.  She wondered if she would ever see Daniel again. Or her mother. Or her sister. Or Chuck, who had never come back. Maybe Ashley was right, he might even be dead. But she hadn’t seen him in her dreams as dead. Just fighting with some other men with guns. Not that any of it mattered now. It was just her. And the baby boy coming in three more months.



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