Heart of Palms

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Palms75x99In Episode 14, readers voted that Veronica calls Bella and demands that she come home immediately to tell her more about the photos and what she knows about the investigation.

Episode 15

Veronica raced down the stairs while dialing Bella on her phone. No answer, so Veronica left her an angry message demanding that she come home this instant to tell her where and how she got these photos. The investigators were all over the first floor looking through everything. They took items of interest and seemed to dismantle everything they touched. Veronica screamed into the phone, loud enough so that all of the policeman on the property could hear her, “And Bella, you need to get here quickly and help me. The police are going through everything in the house so they’re going to want to question you about some things. You’ll need to be available for them…it’s important that you get here right NOW. ”

As Bella listened to her mother’s rampage on her voicemail, she wondered what that meant. She was always a little frightened of her mother. Question me about what? That didn’t make any sense and she didn’t have anything to hide. As she thought about it more and more and listened to the message again, she could only come up with one conclusion – her mother must be trying to frame her for her father’s poisoning. It’s the only thing that made sense. Now that Bella knew about the affair, maybe she wanted to silence her from telling anyone. Maybe she wanted to finish the job and finally kill off her father.  She would inherit everything. She couldn’t do that if Bella went to the police with the photos and her suspicions about her father being poisoned. Her mother was extremely smart and she was probably planting the evidence right now so that Bella would take the fall.

Bella started to panic as she thought more and more. She had been at the studio rehearsing for the competition that was going to be on live television in only a week and half. Today she’d had the best rehearsal ever. Her voice was clear and strong. With all of the craziness that was happening around her – the dead man, the police station, her mother’s affair and her father’s poisoning, she was in a chaotic and disturbed state. When she sang, it all went away and her only focus was of the sound coming out of her mouth. Her whole body released the stress through her songs. It was the best she had ever sounded and the most confident she had felt.

Scared and confused, Bella got in her car to go back to Denny’s place. She had left a message for her sister Ella earlier and now she wanted to call and tell her everything but suddenly remembered how easy these phones were to track. She needed to get rid of it. It might be too easy to trace her location and she might not want to be found if indeed she was being framed. She was in a seedy part of town so she found a dumpster and carefully placed her most favorite Prada bag with her wallet including some cash with credit cards, and her cellphone in full display atop the dumpster and sped off. She knew someone would see it and take her things so that she would be able to say it was stolen if she needed to later and in the meantime she couldn’t be tracked. 

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