The Hapless Detectives

Dectective75x99In Episode 9, readers voted that Kester should speak to Annie – the girl sat in the corner who Ren has been trying to get off with.

Episode 10

“I think I’ll start with your little girlfriend in the corner,” Kester smirked.

Ren put a hand on his chest to stop him. “She’s mine, remember? No chatting her up.”

“I’m not going to chat her up,” he rolled his eyes. “Just want to ask her a few questions, that’s all.”

“She’s been with me the whole night. She hasn’t stolen any money or murdered any cats.”

“I have to speak to everyone, Ren. Just to eliminate them from the inquiry.”

He crossed the room and approached the girl. In reality, it was actually quite logical that he should approach her, seeing as she was the first person he would pass if he chose to walk round the room in a clockwise direction. It all seemed perfectly natural.

He tipped his trilby hat dramatically and bowed his head. “Good evening, Miss. May I take a seat?”

“Free country, isn’t it?” She shrugged and took a large swig of her foul colored drink. The glass was almost empty. She glanced over towards Ren who was lingering by the bar watching them and looking anxious. “Is he getting me another, or what?”

“Er, I think so yes,” Kester answered distractedly, trying to focus. “You’re Annie, I believe.”


“And you’re friends with…um….” He tried to remember the other name Ren had given him. “Kosta?”

She scrunched up her nose. “Who the hell’s Kosta? You mean Oscar?”

“Oscar, yes! That’s it. Is he here tonight?” He looked round the rest of the pub, glancing at the faces.

“Oscar!” She yelled at someone on the other side of the bar, waving her arm. He got up from where he was talking with one of his friends and wandered over, bringing his pint with him.

“What is it?” he asked, hooking back his scruffy long hair over his ears.

“The detective wanted to meet you.”

“I’m just trying to establish some facts,” Kester explained. “You two are – ”

“You know you’re even weirder than your brother said,” she smirked and knocked back the rest of the drink almost slamming the glass down on the table. She was quite drunk. “Ren! Another!”

Kester stood there aghast for a moment, everything processing in his brain. Of course! This was the girl Darius had told him about. His brother’s girlfriend. The girl who was cheating on him. Suddenly, it all made sense and he felt quite secretly proud of himself knowing he had solved his first case, or at least, that first little mystery Darius had given him to ponder over. He had uncovered Annie’s cheating, and what’s more she seemed to even be proud of the fact. She wasn’t even trying to hide it or deny that she was dating Brogan, his brother.

“Yep, I’m his girlfriend,” she confirmed, responding to his obviously shocked expression.

“And I’m his mate,” said Oscar. “Your brother’s a dick, by the way.”

“Yeah, yeah I know,” Kester sighed.

“Don’t tell him I said that though.” Oscar was suddenly grabbing his jacket collar, as if quite nervous. “Don’t say anything, he’ll kill me.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t.” Out the corner of Kester’s eye, he saw Sophy and the other girl returning with smiles on their faces, looking rather triumphant. He brushed Oscar’s hand away and quickly moved over towards her.

“What is it?” he asked. “What did you find out?”

“The cat,” Sophy announced. “It’s not actually dead. Just sleeping. It’s been given a heavy sedative.”

A general murmur went round the pub as people took this new information on board.

“Why would anyone do that, though?” Kester asked.

“To get the cat out the way whilst they did something else,” suggested Sophy with a shrug. “To cause a distraction so everyone thought the cat was dead so they could DO something else. You noticed anyone acting suspicious around here?”

“I’m suspicious of everyone and everything.”

“That’s useful.” She sighed.

“But listen, Sophy…how could Felicity not notice that the cat was alive? I mean…surely it would still have been warm…still breathing, however shallow the breathing actually was?”

“That’s a really good question, Kester,” Sophy smiled. “I was hoping you were going to ask that. Maybe we should ask her?”

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