Such Things as Dreams are Made On

Dreams75x99In Episode 7, readers voted that the wedding takes place on a beach.

Episode 8

Here Comes The Groom

 April blushed. “You know about weddings then?” “I know what all of us know. Because I am all of us. Right?” “Right. Just checking to see if any fine tuning was necessary.” The Crone patted the boulder once and it became an opening leading into the mountain .” Follow me, dear.” After the first bend in the path was there impenetrable darkness until the Crone snapped her fingers. Then luminosity intensified behind them projecting their shadows in front of them.  As they came to a second bend in the path, the Crone’s shadow beckoned them to follow it. Thus they proceeded, their shadows now their guides through a labyrinthine turns until they entered a vast cavern. The light behind them intensified and magnified their shadows gigantically.  They halted their owners. Then they flitted ahead, went, each a separate cavern. “Where are they going?” asked April. “They’re looking for the groom, but they’re not going to find him. Even my shadow is an idiot. Unless Indigo remembers to come out to us—and he’d forget his own wedding!—he’s  where night would be a desert sun!  When they within sniffing distance, they simply disappear.  Couldn’t hit their butts with both hands. A companionable voice rang echoed behind them.  “Hey, guys!  No, behind you.  Where night becomes a desert sun.” Turning, April saw close to her, so close, the remarkable face of that which she had never see and had always known.  “April, they call me Abraham but I prefer ‘Abe’”. And he wore a white tuxedo—with a white bow tie! “Come this way.  We are going to meet the rest of the gang at the Beach.” And with these words, they were at The Beach.  The wind whistled. The ocean rumbled. And the rest of the gang wore funny hats, blew applestick pipes, and threw rice. Through the story, central character has been succeeded by a new central character until now the Groom appears.

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