Loan Some

Lone75x99In Episode 9, readers voted that… Two men in a Star Trek Enterprise costume came speeding toward her, on the way to the convention.

Episode 10

Two men, wearing a cardboard Star Trek Enterprise outfit like two children dressed in a horse costume on Halloween, came running down the street, crashing right into Vera as she attempted crossing to her car.

                However, the costume was so weak, as were the men,  that they quite literally bounced right off of Vera, falling to the ground.

                “Are you guys all right?” she said, throwing her Chewbacca head on the ground so she could help them up.

                “Yeah,” said the one guy, dressed as Spock. She gave him her hand, and when he pulled himself up, his head reached her shoulders. Vera sighed. Yet another man that she towered over in height.            

            “We actually were trying to track you down,” said the other guy dressed as Captain Kirk, who had managed to get himself back on his feet.

            “Me? You were trying to track me down?” Vera suddenly grew worried that she had done something horribly wrong back at the convention. Was she supposed to genuflect by the Captain America section on the way out?

            “We’re Chip’s friends,” said Spock. “We know what you did.”

            “I carried him on my back because he needed help,” she said. “That’s not something I normally do.”

            “No, not that,” said Kirk. “We know he hired you to be his girlfriend today.”


            “I was wondering if you were available for a wedding in a few weeks,” said Spock. “My ex-girlfriend’s going to be there, and it would be great if I could have you on my arm.”

            “I’m having a Halloween party, and I think it’s going to be a dude fest,” said Kirk. “What are you doing at the end of the month?”

            Vera was overwhelmed. Bruce Kitchen was right. Business was booming.

            “I don’t have a business card on me right now,” said Vera. “But you can reach me at this number. Can I put my number in your cell phone?”

            “Sure.” Spock handed her his phone, and Vera attempted punching the numbers with her furry Chewbacca hands. She ended up pressing multiple numbers at once.

            “On the other hand,” said Vera. “Why don’t I just tell you my number?”

            After she gave them her number, they went on their way.

            “Live prosper,” she said, as they headed toward the convention.

            They turned around and grimaced at her pop culture faux pas.

            Vera got into her car, and eventually found herself back at Market Street Place, Loan Some’s headquarters.

            As she was walking down the basement steps, another guy was walking up them at the same time. He was dressed in a black suit. They looked each other up and down curiously, acknowledging that they both had been on assignments.

            “Funeral,” he said, signaling to his attire.

            “Comic book convention,” she said, signaling to hers. 

            In the basement, Bruce Kitchen was waiting for her.

            “How’d it go?” he said.

            “Good,” said Vera. “Really good, actually.”

            “Chip submitted payment. Here’s your first paycheck.” Bruce handed it to her with a warm smile. “Great to have you aboard.”

            Vera looked at the piece of paper in front of her. As happy as she was to be able to pay rent on time this month, she had another feeling that was new to her. She had no idea what would happen tomorrow, and yet she couldn’t wait for the next adventure to begin.

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