BriarLeigh75x99In Episode 13, readers voted that Briarleigh tells both that he was the wolf pack leader and was suppose to be the one to teach Jonathan about his family history, and why Jonathan’s mother had made such a big deal about him meeting Max.
Episode 14

            Max didn’t waste any time with small talk as he quickly explained why he was there and how he knew they would be coming.

“You see,” he said, “it wasn’t too long ago when I was to meet Jonathan here to tell him what I have come to tell you. But your father took him from us before I had a chance and I knew one day you would come back for answers if I waited long enough. Now if you wish to know the whole truth, follow me.”

With that, Elizabeth and Briarleigh followed behind him all the way to his car. They got in without a word though they had no idea where they would end up and Max drove.

At first glance it looked as though they had stopped in the middle of nowhere, but if you looked just a little bit closer you would see the opening to what looked to be a tunnel. Max was the first to get out and without a word to Elizabeth and Briarleigh he started walking. After a moment they followed with a look of confusion on their faces.

As they reached the opening Max hesitated for a moment so the girls could catch up, then continued on as he explained that this is where werewolves go when the full moon comes out and they know they are going to change. They walked in silently taking in the wall decorations as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. Chains hung from the walls connected to shackles. Dried blood was everywhere and as you breathed in you felt as if you would suffocate from the dryness of the air. Just beyond all the chains and blood there was another wall covered in charcoal drawings. Like symbols used in earlier cultures these drawings told a story of the pain and agony a werewolf went through to change. After staring for what seemed like forever Max broke the silence by telling them who he was and why he knew Jonathan.

Max was the leader of the wolf pack in town. Therefore he was assigned to teach all the new werewolves what to expect when turning, where to go before turning and most importantly, why they even existed. He had the gift to sense when someone was getting ready to turn for the first time, which is why he was everyone’s choice for leader.

After explaining all this he explained about the drawings on the wall. Most werewolves went through the same thing when changing for the first time. But, some didn’t those that didn’t add their transformation to the wall for other new werewolves. This was also away to document the history of the wolf pack in case one day they ran across another pack. They would then be able to compare to see of all wolves were the same or not.

After explaining all this, he then went on to explain his involvement with Jonathan. Jonathan and Max’s families had been very close when Jonathan was growing up. When Max learned about his wolfism he also learned that later Jonathan would become one too. When Max had learned that Jonathan and Elizabeth had been romantically involved he had also know that Elizabeth was a vampire and that he had to tell Jonathan of his heritage. But, before he could Elizabeth’s dad had killed Jonathan and taken Elizabeth away. Max had tracked them for months after that hoping to get revenge but when he had finally found them Elizabeth was pregnant and even from her womb he could sense the part of Briarleigh that was like him. That he explained is why he had followed them to the lake that day he needed to take Briarleigh with him. He could sense she was close to changing and since she was the first ever Werewolf Vampire he wasn’t quiet sure what would happen.

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