Heart of Palms

Palms75x99In Episode 13, readers voted that Ella suggests they take advantage of this beautiful home and offer to cook. Then she can explore more of the home and help search for something that may help Jack.

Episode 14

Ella went to the store for a few things to make a simple dinner so that they could spend more time exploring Cole’s home. Her father was safe at the hospital for the next couple of days and Bella didn’t need to be there until the morning. She left a message for her mother explaining that she had admitted dad to the hospital due to the blood tests, though she gave no indication of the poisoning thinking it better not to alarm her over the phone. She thought perhaps Bella could break the news to her since she would be at the estate. Bella hadn’t told Ella anything yet about moving in with Denny or the photos she discovered of their mother.

Dr. Michaels and Ella looked all through the house and the closets; there were hardly any personal items other than a few articles of clothing in the closet and dresser, bathroom toiletries and a couple of towels. The kitchen was virtually empty and she thought someone had likely come through months ago when he first went to jail and cleaned the place of anything in case the police discovered that Cole lived here. The only thing she could find that was just what she thought was an odd item to find at a drug dealer’s house. It was a tiny baby sock that was mixed in with a group of regular men’s socks in the dresser drawer. She didn’t know what to make of it, if anything, but took the tiny sock and stuck it in her pocket. It didn’t seem relevant so she didn’t mention it to Dr. Michaels.

Meanwhile, Veronica had received Ella’s message and prepared to go to the hospital to speak with the doctors and visit her husband Josh. When she went to her room to change, she discovered the photos that Bella had left in a sealed envelope on her dresser with a note on the envelope. It only said that she didn’t know who sent thee photos, she was moving in with Denny and she would be in touch. Veronica glanced at the photos with disgust. She was seething with anger and wanted to know who had done this and what they wanted. This happened over 2 years ago. Why were they coming to the surface now and who took them? If someone wanted money, she would surely have heard by now. Maybe the doctor took the photos himself and he was just toying with her. Maybe Bella inadvertently received them instead of herself. Or maybe the government investigators who were looking into the family biotech company had been spying on her. The investigation had been going on for several years. No, she thought, why would they care. She didn’t know what to make of it but she was certain she would find out.

Just as she was preparing to burn the photos in the fireplace in her room, there was a knock at the door. It was one of the estate caretakers who informed her that the police were there with a search warrant to investigate the property. The caretaker filled her in on what the police had said were their reasons for the search and the alleged poisoning. All day long both of her daughters had failed to mention any of this investigation to her and now the entire estate was going to be torn apart by police officers. This would surely be in the news before tomorrow morning. Now Veronica was boiling with anger. She promptly threw the photos in her purse and raced down the stairs. 


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