Love Spells

LoveSpells75x99In Episode 13, readers voted that Angelique decides to stay in the apartment for a few days.

Episode 14

“Does it have internet? Your apartment?”

“I said furnished, didn’t I? Well how could anybody live without internet these days.”

Angelique just nodded. She felt more tired than she had for a while and just wanted somewhere to sleep. The apartment didn’t sound so bad and anyway she had never met Cynthia Ann and didn’t know what ‘a little crazy’ might mean. At first the apartment looked like the perfect place to wait for Chuck. The building and the furniture were modern and seemed new.  Boots brought her bag in, showed her food in the cupboards and freezer, left the key for her and told her he would see her in the morning.  She put the phone next to the bed, took off her shoes, laid on top of the covers and slept for ten hours.

The next morning she signed on to her Facebook account and sent another message to Ashley asking if her mother had cast the spell for Chuck to come back to her. Ashley said her mother had been tired when she came home and had to work on her what her other clients needed. She said her mother kept saying no jumping the line.  Then Ashley said her mother kept telling her that if she would start learning the business things could go a lot faster. Fourth generation and what use are you, her mother kept saying. Ashley had told everybody many times that she had no intention of doing what her mother did.  Angelique asked again. “Tell her it’s life or death” she wrote. “Chuck has to come back. And besides I’m beginning to think I’m pregnant.”

Ashley’s words came back immediately, “my mom is going to be so mad at you.”

Angelique settled for “Don’t tell her. Just ask her again about the spell tonight, please.”

She was drinking a glass of orange juice when she heard the doorbell ring. A girl with long dark hair who seemed about her age was at the door.  “You the new girl?” she asked. “Guess so. But only for a day or so.” Angelique replied. “Oh we all say that in the beginning.” “No, my boyfriend is coming to get me in a day or so,” Angelique insisted. “Well good for you I guess. I’m Brittany by the way.  Boots asked me to show you around.  You want to see the pool?” The pool was clear and blue surrounded by dwarf fruit trees in a courtyard.  “You can swim and sunbathe out here most of the day. Dinner isn’t until after seven. The clothes Boots wants you to wear for dinner are in the closet.  There are a couple of different sizes. And the shoes.”

“What do you mean dinner?”

 “Oh it will just be with an old friend of Boots. He will come and take you out to a nice restaurant for dinner. They are all gentleman. The first time it’s probably Howard. He won’t even touch you. Just wants to look at your breasts.” 

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