BriarLeigh75x99In Episode 12, readers voted that BriarLeigh confronts her Grandfather and learns that the man she believed to be her father is nothing more than a stranger.
Episode 13

Charles should have known that she wouldn’t have gone far when he had the man she believed to be her love tied to a chair. So before she even had time to get all the way inside he had made up his mind tonight she would learn the truth… all of it and no more secrets.

BriarLeigh marched into the room right up to her grandfather and then froze. She didn’t know what to say or believe and nothing Charles said would change anything. If she wanted to know what really happened she would have to go to the one person who did know everything… her mother Elizabeth Sapphire.

Elizabeth had just sat down to watch the news when the call from her father came. He had once again opened his mouth letting out more family history and secrets… secrets Elizabeth had never wanted to keep.

It had been four years ago when they met. His name was Jonathan Black. He was new to town and very handsome. Elizabeth had first seen him in the market while out buying vegetables for her fathers birthday dinner. When their eyes met it was like a spark had hit her heart, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of him. He was perfect with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. He had a smile that could light up any room and all the ladies were stopping every couple of steps to glance back at him from afar. But, he had chosen her, Elizabeth to ask for directions to the Miller estate. He was in town visiting Max Miller the computer nerd as his mother had requested though he wasn’t sure why since his family hadn’t spoken to the Millers in years. He was just about to thank Elizabeth and leave when he had a better idea. He turned and quickly before losing his nerve asked her to get a drink with him. Elizabeth, knowing better but not caring, said yes and for the rest of the day and all that night they were inseparable. It happened down at the lake as the moon began to rise, they gave themselves to each other and in turn made BriarLeigh. When they were done they said goodnight and parted ways until two weeks later when Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant and Jonathan was a werewolf.

She waited another three weeks just to be sure then confessed everything to her father. After yelling and screaming and threatening to kill her unborn child he finally left driving away as fast as he could. Elizabeth too had left knowing Jonathan had a right to know he would soon be a father. What she hadn’t expected was that her father would follow her and kill him as soon as he saw them together.

Months went by with Elizabeth refusing to speak to her father, but then she met Nathan and something changed. He didn’t see an unmarried woman pregnant with another mans baby. He saw the woman he knew he would marry. After months of spending every waking moment learning everything he could about her, he proposed. Elizabeth said yes and when BriarLiegh was born he assumed the father role as if he truly was and no one, not even Charles Silver argued.

After explaining all of this to BriarLeigh, Elizabeth decided to take her to see the market and the lake where she and Jonathan had spent that day together. When they arrived they found Max Miller waiting, as if for them. 

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In Episode 13, readers voted that Briarleigh tells both that he was the wolf pack leader and was suppose to be the one to teach Jonathan about his family history, and why Jonathan’s mother had made such a big deal about him meeting Max.


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