Moro75x99In Episode 7, readers voted to get out alive anyway possible.

Episode 8

This stress is really draining my mind, along with the fact that I managed to actually find Rochelle this time. Of course, I felt there was a rather large chance that I would just end up losing her again after this encounter, but nevertheless it was an achievement. To tell the truth, this was the first time I had actually seen her since I began altering reality. Every other time leads to her being taken away one way or the other. Ok, I have my next question ready. My voice crackled as I asked, though I’m not sure if that came down to physical stress or anxiety. My question is that of complete simplicity.

“Is there any way we can make it out alive?”

Of course, I realise that he could simply lie and this whole thing is based on the honour system. I feel that since he is so willing to play by the rules of his make believe game rather than beat the information out of me, perhaps he will also feel the compulsion for honesty. After all, I just cheated him out of a question and my only consequence was that of a stern look and snarl. Rochelle was still taking in the brilliance of fresh air after being stuffed in that bag for so long, so I think we have some time before she starts questioning to. Then again, she was always very passive before and…

The man knelt down to my face, stinking breath blasting. Through barred teeth, he muttered.

“As long as you do exactly what I say.”

Well, that was most certainly vague. Still, as intimidating as it was, there was a slight hint that I might get out of this thing alive with Rochelle. All of this hope came crashing down the very next moment when he reminded me just of what he wished to know.

“Now…just where do you find the people that taught you this technique?”

It’s at this time I wish I were more selfish, because I have no idea what to do. 

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In Episode 8, readers voted to lie as much as possible.

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