Heart of Palms

Palms75x99In Episode 12, as Ella prepared for her father’s admittance and treatment, she received a call from Dr. Michaels. Readers voted that Ella agrees to meet with him to discuss her dad and next steps after Cole is taken out of the coma.

Episode 13

After getting her father settled in the hospital, Bella met Dr. Michaels at an address that was a luxurious house in the historic district of downtown Oak Hill. It was a beautiful old brick and limestone home from the 1800’s that had been completely transformed on the inside to a modern, ultra-chic space. The furnishings and décor were exquisite and Ella knew enough to figure out this couldn’t be Dr. Michaels’ house.

“Wow, this place is gorgeous,” Ella said as she wandered from the living room into the kitchen, paying close attention to the expensive art pieces on the walls. “Who lives here? It’s so beautiful.”

“Yeah, I wanted you to meet me here because you have to see it to believe it. I know you’ll think this is crazy and but this is Cole’s house,” he said while opening a bottle of wine and offering her a glass.

“No, no thank you,” she said confusedly, “Wait, what? Cole who’s in a coma, Cole? That’s impossible, he lives in a small apartment that his dad pays for over near the community center. It was all over the news when they arrested him.”

“Well, somehow his dad figured out just a few weeks ago that this is his real home. He wasn’t allowed to be on the official investigation in the case but he wanted to prove that Cole was innocent and so he did his own investigating, which is how he found this place.” He explained as he looked in the fridge for something to snack on with his wine. “He doesn’t know how or who set him up in this house. What he does know is that he’s heavily involved in dealing drugs. Jack gave me the key to this place to look around and keep an eye open for anything going on here,”

“So where is Jack? And what happened at the courthouse? Why did he come at him and punch him like that anyway?”

“Looks like Jack kind of figured out that Cole’s been living some kind of a double life.  It’s hard to tell how it all started but apparently Jack was just overcome with anger. He watched Cole walk out of the courthouse with a smile and a wink…as if he knew he got away with it. His dad lives by the rules and the law. Cole jeopardized his own father’s career, reputation, and he’s been lying to him for a long time. Jack just snapped. He couldn’t help it. Now he feels so bad about it, he’s trying to help save his son from somebody who wants him dead,” he explained while munching on a slice of cheese. “Right now, he’s in California checking on a lead. He doesn’t know why someone wants to kill him but must be a deal gone bad or something. That’s why he needs some time to figure it out.”

“But what if he needs more time than just a week?” Ella wondered if it was really worth compromising her ethics to save a drug dealer. Even if he was mentally challenged and someone had probably taken advantage of him, Cole certainly had enough sense to know right from wrong.

“Well, we’ll just see what happens. We can only do what we can do,” he said.

“You’ll have to find out soon if he’s making progress. We only have 4 more days to keep him in the coma. 

“Yes, I’ll be speaking with Jack this evening and should gain more info.”

“OK, well I need your help with my dad too. I told you about the blood tests and I need you to help him understand what’s happened. You’ve been is psychiatrist for quite a while and he’s going to need you. I will have him stay with me for a while once he’s out of detox from the hospital.” She knew he couldn’t go back to the estate while they were investigating the staff.

“Of course, I’m happy to help. You should go out to dinner with me tonight and we can put together a plan,” he said putting his hand on her shoulder and thinking that even though Ella was much younger, she might be interested in him for something more.


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