The Hapless Detectives


In Episode 7, readers voted that they should look for the money in the toilet.

Episode 8

Kester fell into silent thought, slumping into one of the chairs by the door whilst he considered it, Sophy standing over him waiting impatiently.

“The toilets!” He cried eventually, raising a finger in the air. “We should look in the toilets.”

“Why the toilets?” Sophy asked him, genuinely interested to hear his opinion. It had been her first idea too so they were obviously on the same page somewhere.

“Well, we know they’ve hidden the money somewhere,” he explained. “And anyone could have gone to the toilets without arising suspicion, whereas if they’d done something weird like start taking up the floorboards, someone might have noticed.”

“Exactly!” Sophy grinned. “I completely agree. You take the guys, I’ll take the girls.”

“Oh, I was going to suggest I take the girls and you take the guys,” Kester waggled his eyebrows up and down. He was only joking of course, but he wouldn’t have said no.

She rolled her eyes and thumped him on the arm, making her way to the girls’ toilets to begin the search. He followed her down the narrow corridor and turned right into the gents, emerging five minutes later empty handed. Sophy was too.

“Nothing?” He asked her, exasperated.

“Nothing,” she shrugged.

He frowned, thinking for a moment, his eyeline coincidentally settling on the door to the disabled toilet. “Of course!” He dived towards it, Sophy hot on his heels, the two of them searching together.

“This makes much more sense,” she remarked. “Whoever it was could hide it in here without us knowing whether they were male or female.”

Kester was only half listening, on his hands and knees searching through the waste bin, an unpleasant but necessary job that he had assigned to himself. His patience and determination was soon paid off when he triumphantly produced a handful of notes rolled up and fastened with an elastic band.

“Got it!” He yelled and jumped up.

“Brilliant, Kester!” caught up in the excitement of the moment, Sophy threw her arms round him and gave him a hug. “Come on, let’s go give it back. Now all we have to do is work out who took it.”

“And who killed the cat,” Kester chimed in.

“And why,” she added.

“Thanks a bunch, mate,” Timothy said genuinely, shaking Kester’s hand and grinning as he began to replace the lost money back in the till. There was a general murmur of amazement spreading round the pub as word was passed of Kester and Sophy’s first success. They’d found the money.

“How many people went to the toilet in the past hour?” Kester shouted.

Everyone stayed silent, no one wanting to admit it in case they were accused of the crime. “Well someone must have!” He continued, impatiently.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Sophy mumbled, then spoke up to the crowd. “Who in here’s studying a medical degree, either veterinary or ordinary?”

“What for?” Kester whispered.

“So we can find out what killed the cat…”

One person raised her hand, a girl in the corner sat with two guys.

“Excellent!” Sophy strode towards her. “Let’s go and take a look at this cat, shall we…Kester, you coming?”


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