Heart of Palms

Palms75x99Voting for episode 11 closed October 18, 2013.  Readers voted for Ivy to lead Bella to find out about her mother’s affair with Dr. Michaels.

Episode 12

Bella was in turmoil. She felt like for every good thing that happened recently, something awful would happen. It was just two days ago that Denny proposed and now she was staring at the explicit photos she received of her mother in a hotel room with Dr. Michaels. She was shocked. The photos showed both of them naked and in the middle of a very passionate moment. She couldn’t understand why someone sent these to her, how these were taken, and what she should do about it. She knew her mother wasn’t in love with her father but she never thought she would do something like this.  How could she do this to her father? How long had the affair been going on? The date on the photo was from two years ago so maybe it was just a one-time fling or maybe they were still seeing each other.

At first, she was angry and knew she needed to move out of the estate. Denny had wanted her to move into his apartment for quite a while and now that they were engaged, it just made sense. Next, she wanted to make sure her dad would be alright. For the most part, she knew he was well taken care of as the estate caretakers just loved him and made sure he had everything he needed in the pool house where he’d been staying for several years now. He had a cook who brought him all of his meals and everything he could want was provided. He spent his days gardening and caring for the two horses and several chickens that he had in a coop behind the pool house.

She needed to talk to Ella and find out if the blood tests uncovered something else about his health but she wasn’t sure whether or not to tell her about the photos. Bella phoned Ella as she packed up her clothes and was shocked again at what Ella had found. Small amounts of ethylene glycol were found in his blood. In other words, he had been ingesting antifreeze either unknowingly or someone was poisoning him. It wasn’t enough to kill him but it was enough to make him sick and affect his mind.  The ingestion or poisoning must have been going on for over a year now. Bella decided not to tell her about the photos of the affair. She was frightened of what this might mean. Immediately she thought if her mother could have an affair, could she be trying to poison her father also? Her mind was racing.

Ella scheduled their father to come in for a detox treatment which would hopefully help get him back to a normal state soon. Bella would need to bring him into the hospital without alarming anyone. The police would need to do a thorough investigation and they didn’t want anyone there to know about it yet in case there was evidence to be collected. The police would look into everyone at the estate whom he had contact with there. Ella hoped it wouldn’t take too long to figure out who was responsible. She couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing. Perhaps it was accidental, she thought.


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