Such Things as Dreams are Made On

Dreams75x99Voting for episode 4 ended October 18, 2013. The majority of readers voted: A shrine is beyond the lake.

Episode 5
The Sacrifice

Abby opened her eyes.  Kneeling at her side was her daughter, Em.  That was her name.   She lifted her head, she saw the goat man at her feet, unconscious. 

There had been a color.

Em had swum out to the boulder, pulling behind her the dead animal, its white pelt cleansed by the water.  She heaved it up onto the boulder.  “Here we go, Ra.”  Ra? The goat man cringed backwards, for the animal was a goat.  “We must swim to the shore.  Hurry!’

As Abby made it to the shore, she tried to stand but could not.  She looked back at the boulder.  The animal was dissolving into an indescribable color, a color beyond color, one for which she could find names beyond names, no names at all. 

Then Abby fell into the color. 

Now she lay on the shore.  She sat up and looked at Em.  She was not a woman.  She was a girl.  A big girl, a very big girl.  With freckles, orange freckles.  And muscles.  And a yellow sword.  A yellow appletree sword. And how did she know its name?  She looked at things about her.  Each glowing and calling out within the thing itself—a word, its word, it.

Poor Ra.  She reached down and patted him.  And Em patted him. And his eyes opened.  “What the what?”

Em rose.  “Come.  Leave the lake.”  She helped Abby rise.

“Is it dangerous here?”

“No.  We have to go to the shrine.”

“What’s that and why?”

“Because they told us to and now we are about to become us and he….”

Abby heard within herself a voice—a voice from the past, before the wall, before its fall.  “Dagnabit! Get it in gear, girl!”

Abby looked around at her family.  We all heard him.


Abby got it in gear.

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