BriarLeigh114x150Voting for episode 11 closed October 18, 2013.  The majority of readers voted: The information that Charles is most hoping to get from Eric is who the other werewolves are.

Episode 12

After hours of of being cut and burned with every silver blade Charles had, Eric had finally decided to talk, with BriarLeigh still listening from the window. He told Charles the history of his family. That his great great great grandfather Edwin had been the first to turn. Back then his grandfather hadn’t had any guide to explain the transition or why it happened, so he had written one that was passed from generation to generation. Only those who turned truly understood that it wasn’t just a legend but a day-to-day survival guide on how to stay alive. Eric also explained to Charles that only two others had changed since his great grandfather, his uncle Ryan and him. His uncle had died in the army a few months ago which had triggered Eric’s turning.

Charles listened to everything Eric had to say, including the fact that he had no intention of killing anyone, and that he had moved in hopes of getting away from all vampires so he didn’t have to change anymore. He explained how painful it was, and that werewolves actually changed six nights a month, three leading up to the full moon and three after the full moon.
The first couple of days were always the most painful but the last four were okay. He never knew exactly what time he was going to change so he always made sure he was deep in the woods by sunset. He also never remembered what he did while in wolf form so he was looking to move further out of town to make sure he never hurt anyone.
He also explained that he only felt a true longing to hunt vampires when in wolf form which is why he had left town as soon as he stumbled upon BriarLeigh and Elizabeth. Eric explained that he too felt the connection that BriarLeigh talked about when mentioning him, but he had thought it was just him sensing that she was a vampire.
At that Charles told him a secret he had never told anyone. BriarLeigh was a hybrid. Her mother Elizabeth had fallen in love with a werewolf before he had ever changed and together they had made the first hybrid accidentally but, not even Elizabeth knew what her daughter was. He explained that the connection they both felt was actually their werewolf DNA sensing each other. At hearing this BriarLeigh punched the window so hard it smashed and it was then that Charles realized she had heard everything. 

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