The Spaces in Between

Spaces75x99Voting for episode 4 ended October 11th, 2013. The majority of readers voted for this: Tell Dron about his new discovery and allow the man to draw his own conclusions.

Episode 5

Gremlaw took a deep breath,

“To tell you the truth Dron, it’s the first time this has happened. I’ve been able to see differently for a long time but this is something new. I’ve got no idea what it was,” Gremlaw hesitated, “Everything just…slowed down.’ The bull necked Dron scratched absently at one cheek before shrugging,

“Well, I have no idea either,” he admitted, “But maybe my wife will.” He added. Gremlaw nearly jumped. Dron married!

Even more confusing to Gremlaw was Dron’s wife turning out to be the hooded Kavashian Duke DeLarouge had introduced to him on the same night he had met Dron. As Gremlaw recalled, she was covered in the deeply cowled robe; in addition, she spoke in such a quiet voice Gremlaw had to strain in order to hear her,

“Not often does it occur, in my experience, without training, where a gift such as yours becomes apparent uniquely.” She stated in her unusual accent. Mi-Zhu-Quan fell silent as if this explained anything. Gremlaw looked at her, then at Dron,

“Is that it?” The youth wondered with wide eyes, “Nothing more? At all?” Mi-Zhu-Quan’s hood tilted sideways and she approached the seated Gremlaw,

“Might it be accessible to feel your head?” She queried. Without pausing for an answer the diminutive figure placed a cold hand lightly against either of Gremlaw’s temples.

Light exploded behind Gremlaw’s eyes. At least that was how it felt until the young man took a few seconds to actually understand this was memory, rather than sight. Images from his past flitted through Gremlaw’s brain as this woman rifled through his memories as if they were pages in a book. His mother’s and father’s face loomed into view to be replaced by hundreds of others, some seemingly insignificant. A dead cat, rotting food, bright golden coins, the dark shapes of negative space, his childhood home, the imposter who had posed as his sister and thousands more. Tears of helplessness dripped from his eyes as the memories of his entire, short, life were viewed by Mi-Zhu-Quan. He felt violated, his mind had been invaded and he was helpless to do anything about it. The violent sucking of his memories was soon reversed, however and the subsequent experience left Gremlaw almost unable to breathe.

Alien, foreign memories were thrust into Gremlaw’s brain. Images of parents with unusual features who were ripped away by evil men. Pain, both physical and emotional, ripped through Gremlaw’s vulnerable psyche as Mi-Zhu-Quan’s life memories slammed into his consciousness. Once over, Gremlaw slumped into a corner, sobbing quietly and hugging his knees. Mi-Zhu-Quan herself stumbled backwards into the arms of Dron for support.

Minutes passed before the Kavashian woman stood once more,

“Speciality is in this one, my husband,” she croaked, “Speciality in droves.” She sat as a loud fist hammered on the door. Dron allowed the imposing figure of the Duke to enter,

“Whatever have you done to him?” DeLarouge demanded of Dron as he cast an eye over Gremlaw. Dron shrugged and looked at his wife, DeLarouge’s face hardened.

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Voting for episode 5 ended October 18, 2013. Readers voted for DeLarouge to tell Dron and Mi-Zhu-Quan he needs Gremlaw now.

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