Moro114x150Voting for episode 5 ended October 11th, 2013. The majority of readers voted for: Who am I?

Episode 6

I thought briefly on the subject before answering.

“I suppose I’d like to know who I am.” I stated, becoming more aware of how bizarre a statement like that just was with every word I spoke. My captor let off a howling laugh, raising his head rapidly as he did so. Such an action coated me in a fine layer of dandruff from his wiry, brown locks.

“Had that come from anyone else, that would sound ridiculous. Coming from someone like you, however,” He bent in to my face close enough for me to smell his breath, which was about as present as looking at the state of your house after a large party, “it is still just as ridiculous.”

He spun around flamboyantly. “Still, I shall honor our agreement. You are Main Erinson.” I winced at that line. Damn, I’m still stuck with that stupid name. What could change one of the most common names on Earth? Suddenly, I realized that through my whining the unclean superego had not stopped talking. I’m really terrible at this hostage thing that they’ve got going on. I tuned in to catch the end of his rant.

“…Since learning this technique you have flittered in and out of the timeline, altering it with the hopes of bringing back the love of your life and living in a perfect world in the laziest way possible. However, due to constant failure, you’ve almost lost total use of your legs.”

Well. I wasn’t aware of that part.

“Ok, my turn.” The ego grinning still as he spoke. “Where did you pick up such a technique?”

Again, my hostage nativity took hold. This guy had the air of a cheesy spy movie villain, and the secret to editing time in the hands of a guy like him really wouldn’t be the best thing for the planet. On the other hand, I really don’t want to get shot right now, so much so that my drunken noir-mooding had disappeared. The bag next him was shuffling really quite strangely, actually. I wonder what’s going on there. Suddenly, I realized I could simply go back after this and change it back to normal so that I wasn’t being stalked by captain dandruff.

“There’s a group that meets up every month to talk about it and ventures out there as meditation. That’s where I learnt it from.”

He groaned, and I let out a little internal victory cheer for breaking his stupid grin.

“Where do they meet?” He asked impatiently, annoyed this experience wasn’t already over with.

“That, friend, will cost another question.” I think I’m getting the hang of this hostage thing now.

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Voting for episode 6 ended October 18, 2013.  Readers voted for the next question to be “Are you going to shoot me after this?”

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