Heart of Palms

Palms75x99Voting for episode 10 closed October 11th, 2013.  The majority of readers voted for this to happen next: Dr. Michaels leaves while Ella takes her father’s blood – then she goes back to the main house to stay since she’s too exhausted to drive

Episode 11

Ella awoke early in the morning at 5am and still felt exhausted but she had to get back to the hospital. She had spent the night in her old room at the family estate since it was so late after she drew the blood she needed from her father to run some tests. She had so much to do. She left quietly and in a rush. She didn’t notice that her mother Veronica was already gone.

Veronica generally only slept four or five hours per night and she didn’t waste a moment of time in her day. She decided to pick up some pastries and visit Ivy before she went into the office. Ivy was always up early and she must have been disturbed about the dead man that was found at her house.

Ivy and Veronica shared pastries and coffee, chatting for nearly an hour. Ivy seemed unaffected by the events from the previous evening except for her concern over Bella. Then Veronica told her about Josh and her encounter with Dr. Michaels. She was still fuming over seeing him. Ivy assured her that she did the right thing but that she must stay away from him. She needed Veronica to be done with Dr. Michaels. She knew about the affair from years ago and had warned her that he would not be good for her.

Ivy had been the one to convince her to marry Josh so many years ago. When she had first started coming for palm readings in college, she told her she must marry him. She would need Josh in order to achieve the success she wanted. That turned out to be true as she managed to work her way up in the family business thanks to the opportunities from his father. Ivy knew early on that Veronica would go far and that the wealth would drive her to succeed.

For the past 25 years, Ivy had been working to prove a theory; that chaos rules over order. She needed to demonstrate that people thrive on chaos and achieve a higher success than those who live by strict order. Veronica was a key part of proving this theory, even though she had no idea that was being used by Ivy. They were friends but Ivy had to show that a heavy dose of chaos is what made Veronica who she is and brought her success and wealth. This was in stark contrast to her husband Josh, who had no drive or ambition. His upbringing had provided many things and he belonged to this societal “order” which only contributed to his lack of aspirations.

Ivy was to become the high priestess in her religion if she could prove this theory. She had achieved her success goal with Veronica, now she must do the same with Bella. The talent competition was just the beginning. Ivy was counting on her to win and soon become highly famous. She needed to show 5 different stories of varying levels of success where chaos was integral in their achievements.  So far, she could demonstrate 3 levels including a Congressman: POWER, Veronica: WEALTH, and of course herself: INFLUENCE. Now she just needed to show LOVE, and FAME.  Bella was on her way to fame.

As with all of her subjects, she needed to introduce the next phase of chaos into Bella’s life.


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